Bloggers United 13

I attended for the fifth time Bloggers United event during the first week of June. I'm actually taking advantage of my long summer vacation before school starts in August because you know, my life as a student can be pretty crazy. Anyway, this year's Blogger's United was on it's 13th installment and it got bigger and better. There were a lot of new bloggers, vloggers and partnered brands who participated in the event. Taking pictures with the popular bloggers and buying cute stuffs are already traditional things to do. However, my favorite parts are meeting blogger friends who I just know across the internet and as always, scoring cute, cheap stuffs from my favorite bloggers! :)
Left: I met Ate Heidi Padilla at the event. She's very sweet and nice in person. Hope we could meet again soon.
Right: Sinong hindi makakakilala sa kanya??? Hahaha! Hi to my co-dent // pageant partner! He sang during the event and he killed it!!! Ang galing! Ibang level na talaga! :) 
Okay, nice promo ad! Hahaha! 
The Trio. Thank you for going with me kahit na ang hassle pa. I love you cousins. Haha! 
Pero mas witty talaga 'to! Hahaha! Taipei Kita :P
Left: One of my favorite rising blogger, Akiko Abad
Right: Favorite fitness blogger, Lissa Kahayon
The who??? Victor Basa
Hi to my gorgeous sister, Janina Manipol
Do I still need to introduce them? Hi Vern 1 and Vern 2!
Arisse :)
My BU experience was tiring (SUPER) and awesome, as always! Let's stay connected through instagram (@shairangelique) and twitter (@Shairaaaaa) for blog updates! :)


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