What Happened Last May 2017?

Hellooo, June!!! Hello, Sunshine!!! I'm feeling productive and busy lately in attending several events during the first week of June. I don't complain though because I'm actually enjoying it even if I'm very busy, felt tired and exhausted and spent sleepless nights for the past consecutive days. I know there's more to come especially next week because of the upcoming trip that I'll be going!

Anyway, these pictures were taken last Friday during my cousin's graduation. I wore my new tropical dress from Shein paired with my favorite pair of sandals from Zalora and bag & sunnies both from Zaful. I like how light and breezy the dress is. You don't have to sacrifice your comfort just to be stylish because this dress is one of the most comfortable dress that I got from blogging. It's a versatile piece too and I am already thinking of wearing it in my next beach trip! :)
Last month had been pretty eventful and chill at the same time. It went by really fast that I felt that the only thing I did was eat, eat and eat. Did you notice that I get fluffier? Haha :) Anyway, I want to share with you some of the things that happened to me last month. I don't know if it's going to make sense for you but I just have this tendency of being so madaldal so I will share it here on the blog anyway. Haha! :)
1. First things first, I already know how to drive. I already got my permit during the last week of April but started practicing during early May. It was thrilling and exciting at the same time. I didn’t take driving lessons because it’s expensive. A good friend offered to teach me and I'm really thankful because I can see during our test drives that he trust me. Chill lang! Lakas pa nga ng music. Haha! I’m slowly getting used to being the family driver HAHAHA and I’m enjoying it. I’ll be getting my non pro license before June ends. :)
2. One thing that I enjoyed last month is going to several fiestahan and indulge myself in eating anything that I find good. There’s no doubt that I gained weight and I'm already regretting it. I'm now being haunted by the fact that I really have to hit the gym and work my ass off! 
3. Spent more time in bukid. Most of my summer days were spent at my mom's hometown which I call "bukid". Bakit daw bukid e tabing dagat naman? Hahaha! I don't know either. It's my go to place when I just want to relax and free my mind from all the worries. I get to enjoy watching my brothers play during liga, swim whenever I want to because my grandparents' house is just a few meters away from the sea, explore some different nearby spots with my on the go cousins, have an easy access to lomi and halo-halo (haha!), disconnect from the internet because of very slow wifi connection (hahaha!), help my lola in gardening and spend more kulitan time with my grandparents and younger cousins. 
4. Met someone in the most unexpected way. Meeting someone in the most unusual way actually holds the funniest stories that can be told and narrated. This happened to me 3 weeks ago when I was unexpectedly linked to a guy whom I don't know at all. I mean, I was surprised with the whole set up and I don't know if the universe conspired for us to meet. But, the thing is that, I know there's a purpose why all of this has to happen. I still haven't figured it out but hopefully, it goes through the brighter and positive side.
PS. I know you're reading this one! HAHAHA :P
5. Quality time with my best friend. My best friend and I doesn't always have the time to bond because she's always busy. Hi Noreen!! Tama naman diba? Haha! When we got to catch-up for one whole day, nabitin talaga ako. Ang daming naipon na kwento. Sobra!!! I have to reschedule the part 2 already because ang dami na ulit na bagong kwento plus I need to greet her personally because she just graduated Cum Laude! I'm so proud of her!!!  

Thanks again Shein for my dress. You can have yours too by clicking this link. :) 

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  1. Very cute post and I'm in love with your dress!


  2. The pattern of your dress is gorgeous!:)

  3. Stunning dress!!


  4. Such a beautiful dress,I love it!


  5. What a pretty dress, I love the pattern! It is indeed a great piece to wear at the beach. You seem to have had a pretty busy time in May, and you are right to enjoy all the events and fun things you've planned for June!

    Julia x
    Last post: A Day in Warwick, UK | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/old-town.html

  6. Such a lovely dress and cute accessories!
    Kisses, Paola.

  7. Nice printed dress and your summer back at your mom's hometown sounds like so much fun! Love from England,

    Saida | She talks Glam

  8. Wow, you really have been up to so much.I really love your printed dress.Looks so great on you.Beautiful.

  9. I love your dress, Shaira!
    The print is really awesome :)

  10. Gorgeous dress ! You are very pretty ;)

  11. What a pretty dress. Love the photo of you and your best friend. Congratulations to her on her graduation.

  12. You look lovely! I love the print on your dress :) xx