Actress Melissa Bolona & Her Growing Instagram Following

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Social media sites are an important part of any movie actress life. With social media sites, an actress can gain a following and find support in her craft. Melissa Bolona is a budding actress, having first started her career in the modeling industry. Melissa has found her calling in the acting world and has seen her Instagram account take flight, as she continues to gain followers and see interest in what she has going on.

Close to 100,000 Followers
Melissa Bolona is an avid Instagram user and likes to post photos from her movie events as well as personal photos. On Instagram, users have the ability to post an update via photo or video, describing what they are doing at the current time. Melissa regularly posts updates from film premieres or events that she is working on as well as focusing on her travels as an actress and model.
By following her Instagram account, fans can keep track of what Melissa is up to as well as get to view celebrity photos and see the interesting places that the actress visits. Melissa currently has almost 100,000 Instagram followers and her following continues to grow each and every day! // BTS shoot with Chris Shintani
Busy, Busy
Melissa stays busy with an active life in the movie industry. She currently has five movies in post-production this year, so her fans have much to look forward to. She will be starring alongside Sophia Bush in the movie Acts of Violence, which also stars Bruce Willis. This movie is about a young man named Roman whose finance goes missing after being kidnapped by human traffickers. Roman and his friends go on a mission to find her. Melissa also stars in The Super, a movie about a superintendent who takes on a New York apartment building only to find that the tenants are mysteriously disappearing.

Melissa currently has a lot going on so fans can easily keep track of her fun and exciting life by following her on Instagram @MelissaBolona.
For a complete list of movies featuring the actress, you can check out Melissa Bolona IMDB.


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