Drowning in my thoughts

Today marked the last day of the semester. Well, it is supposedly the last day of being stress free BUT we still have a hanging research defense on June and summer clinic on the entire month of June. A lot of things are running through my mind right now. I'm suffering from mixed emotions. I'm happy because it ended already but I'm afraid because I'm not satisfied with the last exam that I took. I studied and prepared for the exam but I felt pressured during the last minute before the exam to the point that even the easiest questions took me so long to answer. (I don't actually know if I answered it correctly.) I'm currently sitting in front of my laptop while having so many thoughts running through my head. I have so many what ifs and whys and I'm becoming a little emotional tonight. I'm suffering from stress since last week because of some school problems and mainly, family problems. I'm really trying my best to face those bravely and cope up with it and I'm happy that my family and friends continue to show their love and support even in my stressful days. (I'm sure they don't even know that I'm stressed already because I'm not the obvious one who talks about my problems.) I think I just need someone to talk to, or do something "new" to keep me away from the things that bothers and stresses me. I'm not really this type of person and wouldn't thought that I would write something like this here but I think there are really days wherein I will feel like I just want to disappear and just go back when everything is fine- just like today. I'm currently drowning in my own thoughts but I'll be overcoming this. Maybe not at this moment, but I will. :)
Sharing with you these pictures taken 2 weeks ago in Stilts in Calatagan, Batangas. I really hope to be back to my happy and relaxed state, be able to release all those heartaches and find peace of mind. :)


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  1. I really hope that things will work out Shaira! It definitely helps to talk to someone or keep yourself busy with fun stuff!

    Julia x
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  2. Beautiful pics!!