Summer State of Mind

One thing that I am looking forward to see when I went to Eco hotel is their iconic swimming pool. I've seen a lot of beautiful pictures of it from the internet and I can say that it's more beautiful in person. Having the perfect place and perfect timing, I decided to wear my new one piece from Shein. I didn't know that the back view of this swimwear is going to be deep bare. I don't wear something like this but because the timing is perfect (we have the place all by ourselves) I decided to wear it.

Outfit. Prior to this trip I decided to order a one piece swimwear in Shein. This piece caught my attention because of it's pretty simple design- black and floral detail. The real purpose of getting a black one piece is to hide my belly fats but it turned out that it was a wrong decision because I got a deep bare back swimwear that showed off my back and side fats. HAHA! Anyway, confidence kept me going. I realized how afraid I was before in wearing swim wears when I'm still sexy and how confident I am in wearing it now that I'm 6 kilos heavier. Hahaha! Very opposite! Anyway, it's all on how you carry yourself confidently. Thank you Shein for this really cute one piece. You can avail yours too by clicking this


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  1. This hotel seems great...what a nice pool!
    wonderful photos!
    love your one-piece swimsuit!

  2. That swimsuit looks amazing on you!! Also love the location of these pictures!


    Seize your Style

  3. yaaaaas giirl you slayyy ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Beautiful post!!

  5. It's definitely all about the confidence, and you look great Shaira!

    Julia x
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