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I've always been that kind of person who is afraid of changing my hair style. At the same time it's a hassle for me to maintain a really short or long or different colored hair. I'm afraid of taking risks when it comes to my hair because changing something on my hair can make a big impact on my look. I have a square shaped face with chubby cheeks and I have no idea what kind of hair style will fit me. But of course, at some point in my life, I've wanted to see myself in a completely different look. I have what if's when it comes to my hair- what if I color it in chestnut brown, or have some highlights, or have it curled, or maybe cut it in shoulder length? I know I'm not alone with all these thoughts and I think the perfect solution for these kinds of problems are hair extensions and wigs. Yes, for someone who's afraid of changing hair styles for a span of months, wigs and hair extensions are for you. 

I'm a user of clip on hair extensions during occasions and I love that it's convenient to put and lock on my hair. But of course, sometimes blending hair extensions with my real hair becomes a problem. One alternative to hair extensions that I thought of are wigs. Wigs, nowadays, are becoming a thing and I've seen a lot of people using it to change their looks. It made its way all over the net especially in different social media platforms like instagram. 

I was curious, at some point, where all these wigs are coming from and tried to search for it online. I came across Everydaywigs and found a lot of synthetic and human hair wigs. As I browsed through their site I was amazed to see a wide variety of wigs categorized according to their color, length and style. This got me really curious and looked on the different color of wigs that this online store offers. They have wigs in blonde, grey, pink, green, purple (this is new to me!!), red, black, brown, blue, orange (as well as this!!) and ombre. It made me want to try it for myself (especially the long curled ombre wig) and see if it'll look good on me. At least, I'll have a look that I wouldn't bother changing anytime I want to and the ease of putting it on and off my head.  

 Here are some of their customers in ombre lace front wigs, blonde lace front wigs and human wigs for white women. :)


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