Camp Netanya

My best friend and I had this promise that after we graduate and have a job part of our savings would be spent in traveling together. Yup, I know i know, I still haven't graduated from my 6 years course but I do earn a little in blogging and I think I can consider my blogging career as a job although my earnings there aren't comparable to the income of real employed professionals. Noreen and I's plans are finally coming into reality (although we're taking baby steps haha!) We decided to have our first travel together to somewhere we can drive to and after having 3 options we ended up in Camp Netanya in Mabini, Batangas. 
Camp Netanya is the perfect place for those who just want to relax, enjoy and take a lot of good photos. Noreen and I took our photo shoot to the next level and we literally spent 4 hours or more of our stay in taking pictures. Watch out for my next post :) All my photos were taken by Noreen and I'm so proud that she was able to easily capture and shoot my pictures the way I wanted it to be. Kung alam nyo lang kung gano sya ka supportive! Mas nangitim ata kami sa pagpipicture kesa sa pagsiswimming. Hahaha!
By the way, Noreen and I went on a day tour. Water activities are included in the package but since the weather was not that good all water activities were cancelled during the day. (I think it includes the kayak ride and island hopping tour to sombrero island) We just decided to roam around the place from the roof deck called lovers' deck (I think haha) til the ground floor. There were many hole in the wall doors and spots that we discovered and our favorite is the gym near the spa where we spent most of our time relaxing and working out (HAHAHA JOKE!) (You might have watched Noreen giving us a tour in that room in my instagram stories!!!) that we thought wasn't included in the day tour package but turned out to be free anyway. Hahaha! 
The day tour package consisted of a plated lunch. I really don't know what kind of dishes these were but for short, we ordered fish and chicken with steamed veggies and an iced tea. 
Outfit. My first outfit for this beach trip consisted of this off shoulder top from Zaful and pair of shorts from Shein. I wasn't really expecting this top to fit like this on me. I mean I loved it! I also love the color and the lace detail in the middle. As for the shorts, what I loved about it is that it's not only stylish but also very comfortable when worn. The fabric is not thick nor thin that's why I decided to wear it on a beach trip. The belt is just a plus detail on the outfit. This outfit wasn't really planned but I'm happy on how it turned out.

Zaful Off shoulder top- $16.49
Shein Shorts- $13
Till our next trip, bff! See you soon! :)

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  1. Travelling with your best friend is awesome - I try to do a trip abroad every year with my best friend, it's such a great way to make wonderful memories. Your photos turned out great, it was worth the four hours haha!

    Julia x
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  2. Beautiful place and pics!!

  3. How fun! Looks like such a serene and relaxing place. I would love to visit xx

  4. Camp Netanya just seems like the place for Instagram-worthy photos in general😅 It looks like it was an outstanding holiday and I would love to visit Camp Netanya in the near future. Withal, I really like your striped shorts and thanks for mentioning them in this post. I'll definitely check them out.😅

    Ps: Add me on Snapchat;

    #sweetreats xx