Vacation En Vogue: What to Wear to Your Dream Vacation to These 3 Popular Destinations



We’ve heard a rumor that you’re not much for dreaming. Honestly, we’ve been told that you don’t see the point. Why dream about something when you could have it? You don’t have to tell us twice. You believe in living your best life and making your dreams become reality. So what’s holding you back from taking that vacation you’ve been talking about all year? Start making those dreams come true and check out our guide on how to dress for some of those popular vacation destinations you fully intend on visiting. Because, girl, you’re more than just talk. You’re action. And that’s what real dreams are made of.


Nothing says summer vacation quite like time spent on a tropical beach with a fruity umbrella drink in hand. That’s exactly why we think it’s time you cash in those miles and get your cute yoga booty down south to Mexico for a little R&R. Who couldn’t use a little guacamole/margarita therapy every now and then? When it comes to packing for paradise think like a local and stick with embroidered dresses, floral prints, sandals and shades. Then sit back and let the magicthat is Mexico happen. You won’t be sorry.

Las Vegas

You have been #blessed this last year with more good fortune than you know what to do with. There’s no sense in letting that luck go to waste. Treat yourself to a bit of glitz and glam ingood old Las Vegas and let your vacation work for you. Hit the tables for a little lady luck and then cash out and spend your winnings on cocktails poolside at one of the many impressive hotels. Don’t show your hand too soon to all of your new adoring fans. Wear a sexy, strappy one-pieceswimsuit to sunbath in the desert heat and we’re sure you’ll soon have everyone taking the gamble on getting to know you.


Work hasn’t exactly been a joy lately and you honestly could use a little island living to learn how to relax again. Do yourself (and your sanity) a favor and hop the next flight to Hawaii and let those ocean breezes carry your stress away. Pack light for this vacation in the way of short shorts, breezy tops and floral sundresses. Compliment your look with a fun and stylish bamboo square bag and some sweet shades and you’ll have everything you need to get LOST island style.

You are a woman who’s intent on living her best life and at Red Dress Boutique we want to help you do it. Lean in to your dreams and make them a reality. After all, you only live once. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy it?   


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  2. I'd love to go to Mexico and Las Vegas! It's always fun to dress around a location that you're visiting :D

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