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Shopping is a passion of mine, I enjoy discovering extraordinary brands that not only simplify my life as a student, fashion blogger and of course passionate shopper. One thing that I cannot stand however is discovering great brands that do not deliver to my address. It can be pretty annoying to spend time browsing a website, filling your cart, only to get a red light when it’s time to pay.

Thanks to Parcel Forwarding Services, shoppers now have options, but finding a company that you can trust is the challenge. Using almost had saved a lot on shipment, free consolidation and storage added value etc. Recommended to those who liked to use and purchase original products from US and to ship other part of the world.....

Who is Parcel Forwarding Company and How Can It Help Me Shop?

 USgoBuy is a great US parcel forwarding service that gives a tax-free US address in Portland, Oregon and they don’t charge for storage till your 60 days are up. There is also no charge in the consolidation or for repackaging, making them one of the cheapest services available. However, they do charge $5 for 5 photos per package and their Buy For Me or Personal shopper service costs 10% of the item’s value which is reasonable when compared to other services.

  Currently USgoBuy ships via USPS, DHL, Aramex and FedEx; accepting payments via PayPal, Credit Cards, Web money and My E-wallet to pay for fees online. When using Credit Card, you are given the estimate in USD however, the card itself is charged in CNY (Chinese Yuan), giving you a higher rate in FX fees. Interestingly, USGoBuy gives a high-level estimate of your shipment costs before consolidating & repackaging your goods. Once you’ve paid, they process your package and ship it, refunding any extra credit back to your payment method or e-Wallet account. Just for your info, there are only two ways to charge the E-wallet, one is through the Western Union, and the other is Wire Transfer.

Packaging done by their warehouse staff is the best I've seen and they carried out personalized instructions well. Their customer service is a little weak, though, and it can take a while to get your point across. You can see their reviews on TrustPilot where they maintain good ratings.
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