Adobo Connection

Last Saturday we went again to Manila for two reasons. During the afternoon I joined my cousin in enrolling in UST. She is an incoming frosh just like me and will be taking Industrial Design. Seriously we did had a hard time going here and there because the buildings were far from each other. What a tiring day!

During the evening we planned to go to Serendra which was based in The Fort to have our dinner. But we changed our mind and looked for a nearer place which happened to be just a walking distance from the condo. University Mall was the place. Well, it has lots of restaurants to offer. The one which we chose was Adobo Connection. 
By the way it was my Ninang's treat! (the one wearing the Baboy shirt). It was her post birthday celebration. :) While eating we were also watching Vice Ganda's concert on tv that's why we can't concentrate to the food itself. *Laughs here and there.
Before we headed to the unit we dropped by at the Korean ice cream store and bought some goodies. Those taste really yummy! 

When we're about to sleep we heared the news about the incident which happened in Serendra that night. Good thing we didn't go there!!! God really loves us. :)

How are you guise? :) so far so good? Thanks for viewing!


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