Girls in WHITE

Last Tuesday our section planned to wear our school uniform. Yes, it was my first time and I was really excited. I remembered before when I fitted this exact uniform during my second year HS. I had a picture once and told myself that after 2 years I will be wearing the exact uniform. It's funny how Fate made a way because after a year LPU changed this med-tech's uniform to a different one and made this uniform for the Pre-Dental students. Yes! I am really destined to wear this uniform. I'm not questioning what I've been into now and what I'm living into now because all I know is that I'm loving the moment and I'm currently enjoying it. I know I did made a right choice to take this up and I'll get to where I want someday, somehow.

And because it was our first time to wear our uniforms, we did take some photos while the professor was out. 
I told them to be fierce for this photo but it seemed that only Papx and I followed.
Your future dentists gone wild. 


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