Little Reasons to Smile

Whenever I can't sleep during midnight I usually get my laptop and browse my tumblr blog. I know I can find something new from it and those things really amaze me. One tumblr blog that caught my attention is Little Reasons To Smile. I got fond of browsing till I realized I almost saw half of the page of it. Anyway I grabbed some pictures which I can totally relate and compiled it to share it with you. 

This first set of pictures are about fashion. The first column is all about "How I Wish I Have/Can" while the second one was the pictures I can totally relate with. :)
First Column: 1.) Keep Calm Hoodies. where can I buy one? 2.) Non-Budget Shopping Spree. When will this happen? Maybe uhmmm, if I already have a stable job and of course my sponsors. Haha. 3.) Having a closet full of shoes. When oh when? What store can I go which sells a lot of different size 42 fashion shoes? 4.) Long dresses. Someday I'm gonna wear lots! 5.) Shopping at Victoria's Secret. What mall in the Philippines have a branch of Victoria's Secret? Please, tell me.

Second Column: 1.) Loose Tops. I love wearing loose tops whenever I run for errands and lazy days. 2.) Buying accessories in multi-packs. I love buying assorted accessories and thinking of the perfect outfits wherein I could wear those. 3.) Picking out your outfits the night before. Every Saturday I make it a point that during the evening I am able to ready an outfit for the next day. :) But then when I try it in the next morning I don't get satisfied with the outcome that's why the plan changes. 4.) Getting a new pair of sandals. I easily get happy after buying a new pair because at least I have again a new sandals to use. It sucks that I only have 3 different pairs which continually evolve in all my outfit posts. -_- 5.) Wearing tons of accessories. Yes, call me OA but I do wear piles of accessories. Sometimes I wear 2 necklaces and 5 different bracelets to complete an outfit. Learned it from Laureen Uy! ;)

Things I'm Missing. First Column: 1.) Going out to lunch withe friends. This pertains to my HS friends. I spent almost 4 years of y life having lunch with them. I miss them so much. 2.) Photoshoots with friends. Either crazy or formal photoshoots I missed it both. 3.) Sharing secrets with my best friend. Ohh, I still share A LOT of my secrets with my best friend. Haha. I love her too bits not to tell her any of my secrets. 4.) Giving your journal to your friend. I remembered when I was in 4th year I used to give my journal to my bff for her to read all the stuffs I wrote there. She replies and leaves some funny comments :P. I miss her.

Things I wish we can do together. Second Column: 1.) Sleepovers! Noreen and Faye! WHEN? :( It's okay if I'll bring my own food, pillows, bed and everything! Just for the sake of being with both of you for a sleepless night full of stories and girly stuffs. :P 2.) Having a girls night out. When I turn 18, Let's just see... 3.) Traveling the world with your best friend. I kept a promise with my bffs. Soon when we are already professionals <3

And before I end this post, I just want to share with you this picture I also got from tumblr which reminded me of my fashion bffs. Me being the tallest, Rica at the middle and Patrice at the left side. I miss you. Hoping to see and hang-out with you soon.

I hope I made you smile through this post. You learned a lot from me today. Haha. Ciao! :)


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