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After 6 days of not blogging, wee, I've got to blog again. Hahaha. Sorry if my school schedule won't allow me. :( I started blogging this during our break last Monday and I was able to publish this only now. I can't multi-task but I'm trying to update you about a new fashion post of mine. :)
Another statement/ eye catcher outfit of the day! Every detail was praised and noticed.
I didn't really plan to wear an outfit like this last Sunday. Actually, I have already something in mind to wear but when I tried the combinations I'm not satisfied with the outcome. :( Anyway, I dug in my closet again and thought of wearing this dress which I had only wore once during my 15th Birthday. It still fits me! Yay.
To add some spice I used this gorg summer vest which I was able to ace last week. When I was about to pay at the counter with my first week baon savings, my mom walked in and paid it for me instead! Me so happy :) That's the reason why I love shopping with my mom. 
Fringe necklace from my favorite bloggers, Vern and Verniece!
Dress from Max, Summer Vest from MLZ, Bag and Shoes from Parisian Shoes and Bags and Fringe necklace from BU5 (Vern&Verniece's)

Just a short story. While we were roaming around the mall last week, my sibling, cousins and I spotted the Showtime Kalokalikes! HAHAHA. Jinkee&Manny Pacquiao, Robin Padilla and Christopher De Leon kalokalikes were there. For the Win Faces!!! :)))

How was your week guys? :) So far so good? Hope you had a great one too! Toodles! :)


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