In My Favorite Spot

Taking outfit shots inside the house is not my thing. It is maybe because the lighting indoor is not that reliable for me and taking outdoor shots with the natural light is way better. 

Being too lazy that day made me think of trying something new. My cousin and I collaborated and this was the result! 
I honestly didn't thought that having my outfit shots taken at my favorite spot would be a whole lot better. Yes, I know you're tired of seeing my outfit shots' background at the empty lots near the house or even at the house's gates. Hahaha. This is a whole lot different thing for me and maybe for you also.
You can see beside me my collection of necklaces. I'm one addict collector, I swear. Whenever I find cute necklaces and plan to buy it, I think of an outfit where I can match it. I also consider the uniqueness of the necklace itself. I love statement pieces. I love it when I wear a very simple outfit like a t-shirt and pair of jeans but when paired with right accessories make the whole ensemble unique and catchy. :)
with my awesome photographer for the day. She rocked the night out by wearing denim on denim plus boots outfit. She pulled it off! :) In contrast to her outfit was my dainty girly outfit and style. I braided my hair by the way. Hahaha.
with the late comer because she just got home from the salon for ombre hair coloring. It's not just obvious here that she had her hair colored because of the lighting in the room or maybe the settings in the camera. 

Next to this post is my blog about the 2-day event I attended. Hope you had a great day today! Ciao :)


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