Let's bring back SUMMER

During the first Saturday of July my family from father's side planned to have a mini reunion. It was made possible because my Ninang, together with her whole family who happened to miss Philippines for 5 consecutive years, had just arrived from Ireland. 
Some of Manalo guys. Others left already when we had this mini pictorial...
My Ninang Vivian was the one holding the green iPad while the girl across her is her kalokalike and lovely daughter Janice. Look at Janice's skin! She really had a fun time under the sun. :)
I know this post was really late because my Ninang and her fam were back in Ireland already just last Sunday. I'm hoping to see them again soon. 
I look so happy here. Maybe because I can't get over with my cousin's story. She didn't attend her 2 subjects that day just to be present at this little reunion. She might have missed alot in school. 
And before I forgot this little reunion happened at AquaBreeze Resort in Dumantay, Batangas. :)
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