FOREVER21 babes

Sheer top used as cover up, Pants and Tank top from my favorite brand, FOREVER21

Not satisfied with pictures only? Here's my very first insta video which showcases my usual poses every time I'll take outfit shots. Haha.

Last last Saturday I ran an errand for my brother. I attended the Grade 6 orientation with my cousin since my mom was busy attending some stuffs too. I was the only one who was available that's why I was tasked to attend it despite of the piles of school works waiting to be done.

The orientation was held in my dear almamater's auditorium. Oh I missed it. One of the main highlights of the whole program was the presentation of the ICAP members. I was really carried away especially when they played " Just Give Me A Reason". It was perfect! I honestly want my youngest brother to be part of it since my other brother is already a PAO member.

After the orientation my cousin and I went to the mall for a purpose. We went to watch "Four Sisters and a Wedding". The movie was now one of my favorites because it made me laugh so hard and cry at the same time. I really adore Bea Alonzo's beauty. She's a living doll. After the movie we went in to some boutiques and tried some clothes.

How's your week friends? Just to tell you this post of mine was drafted 2 weeks ago but I wasn't able to arrange the pictures early that's why I was only able to publish it now. The reason why I was absent in blogging for almost a week was because I studied for my first major exam. Good thing it was over and you better expect a series of blog posts coming! :)


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