BTS- Bloggers Photoshoot

I wasn't really expecting that September, my birth month, would start like this. It was still surreal for me that I just experienced to have this formal photoshoot with the 2 persons who are equally close to my heart when it comes to fashion that's why I was very excited! 

Opportunities like this should be grabbed at once because it may be the start of something bigger and better... 

Before I share with you the pictures of our first formal photoshoot together as bloggers let me show you first some of the BTS pictures captured. Credits to Rica's sister for these.

At first we were kind of nervous because it was our first time to be handled by a professional photographer and be called models...
But when we started telling and sharing stories of our own we've got to know more about each other and know more about our kikay and bubbly photograper. Her name is April Pasumbal. We learned alot of things from her and most importantly she was so kind that she considered us her babies. :)
Talking alot of stuffs here like blogger contests, modeling, and a lot more.
This could be the best and most fun work I would love to have in the near future. I hope that more opportunities will be coming for us.
The best thing about this photoshoot was that I didn't felt any pressure at all. It was maybe because I was surrounded by the persons whom I share with the same interest and passion. :)
Future Laureen Uy, Camille Co and Kryz Uy. :P 

Hoping we were able to share with you the fun we experienced during our photoshoot. Next to this is my post about the photoshoot itself. I'm excited. Keep in touch! :)


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