One of the most awaited event of the Lyceans is the PISTAKASAN. It can also be called "Sports Festival" since it showcases the different sport competitions Lyceans are engaged in. 

PISTAKASAN actually happened fast but even though we were only given a limited time to enjoy it, we made sure to spend it to the fullest! :) PISTAKASAN definitely met our expectations. Here are some of the pictures I took using my phone. Excuse the pictures if some appears to be low quality.
Happy faces during and after Pistakasan. Photobomber alert on the second photo. :P
This was actually the funniest and coolest basketball game I have ever watched. It was a game between the College of Dentistry and College of Criminology. I was expecting a good game from our department (Dentistry) but then they exceeded my REAL expectation. Hahaha. They didn't won the competition (with the score 62-22 if I'm not mistaken) but they made the game a BLAST and entertaining one. I never thought that my co-dentists in the future would be the funniest people I would ever meet.
One of the best game my friends and I had watched. :P Hahaha. Medyo bias :))) Bio and Swagger alert!!! Spot them. Lol. 
While Erica, Justine and I were happily watching the CITHM & CAMP game I spotted Lady watching over someone here. I thought she was watching the Marlins vs. Criminology volleyball game but she was actually watching her crush who was during that time watching the volleyball game. Hahahaha. I can't stop from laughing and teasing her. 
The NOISE of the Philippines. This was the main event which took place during the last day of PISTAKASAN. It was actually a parody of The VOICE of the Philippines. I was so proud of the finalists. I can't imagine that they do have the guts to perform with that confidence in front of so many people. If only you were able to watch it you will laugh and in some point get irritated by their performances. HAHAHAHA. :))) Anyway we're there to support our department's finalist!  
There were actually many celebrity guests such during the PISTAKASAN from the leading show The Voice of the Philippines. Some of it includes Lee Grane of Team Bamboo and Penelope of Team Apl during the first day. I wasn't able to take a picture of them. During the last day Yuki Ito of Team Sarah and Cora Dela Cruz of Team Apl went all the way to LPU to entertain us as the celebrity guests in THE NOISE. Seriously and honestly, If Yuki isn't gay maybe he's one of my celebrity crush now. He's effin handsome! He definitely completed and made my day! :)


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