September Diaries :)

September is one of my most awaited month. Why? Because it's my birth month! I'm so excited to celebrate my birthday though it's still during the last day of September. Aside from me, I have few close friends( Lady, Noreen, Rica, Bea sis) and relatives( Ate Ghen, RJ, Kuya TJ and Baby Matthew) who celebrated already, celebrating today and will be celebrating their birthday as well this month. 

I'm really happy this month started right. Unexpected things happened and almost all of them happened for the first time. Yes you read it right! First time, and 'twas fun!

First official Bloggers Photoshoot My September definitely started right! I couldn't be more thankful to new opportunities and good vibes coming my way this month. On the brighter side one of my fashion icon, Ms. Camille Co read my blog about our Bloggers Photoshoot. I got so kilig with her short yet meaningful message for me. 
 I consider this month as one of the busiest month of the Lyceans. Many events are lined up like the talks, seminars, school pageants etc., PISTAKASAN and Foundation Day. One of the talk that we attended earlier this month was the Community Awareness Talk. Because consecutive classes were interrupted during that day our group decided not to attend the remaining one major class in the afternoon which runs from 1-5:30 thus resulting to boycott Physics class. It was out first time to do it that's why we felt a little guilty after. Hahaha

Because my curiosity to the highest level lead me to try ordering in an online shop. It was my first time that's why I was a little bit empty headed and I literally don't know what to do. It was like a Do or Die thing for me. Lol. I'll post a review about the shop where I bought and how the item came into my hands. So for those who haven't tried online buying it's a must read! :)

This month my mom accompanied me for my check-up with an allergist. I was already taking meds and consulted other allergist before but in our observation my allergies weren't cured and it just continued to spread in the whole body. My tita recommended an allergist and I guess this one was different from the rest. I think she's the best doctor so far when it comes to allergies. I had 2 x-rays conducted and right after was the skin test which was painful. After the skin test my doctor read the results and found out that I was almost allergic to everything. :(  Every week I will have my injection for straight 6 months. :(

Unexpected trip to Monte Maria Hotel. 
The story behind this visit to Monte Maria was a little bit funny. Last Sunday we planned to visit our grandparents in our bukid. We planned to wear what we're already wearing since it's only in our grand parents house and planned to change clothes when we are about to go to church and mall after. But when we were already near the place my mom insisted that we should visit and drop by the new hotel. And so this was the result, us wearing pambahay clothes in a tourist spot area. (Mimi was still wearing pajamas!!! Hahahaha)
The place was almost developed when we went. It was a hotel by the way. 
*Excuse my morning face* It was so windy in that place. 
Look at the exterior of the hotel. It's beautiful, right? The interior of the hotel was gorgeoustoo. I just wasn't able to take clear pictures of it. :(
And here's the view. Imagine waking up in the morning with this view. It's perfect! Just by looking at the view you will be amazed on how beautiful the place is. I never thought that this place of ours will be the next popular tourist destination in the near future. 
Special events will be my next blog posts. Time flies so fast. A lot of things happened this September. In 3 weeks it will be our semestrial break already! Yay! I'm excited. It's second sem already. :)


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