Lady's 18th

Cheers to the funniest and dearest girl I met! This post was a little bit late because she had celebrated already her 18th birthday last September 20. Lady treated the three of us in advance because we won't be able to go to her birthday in Laguna. 
When I first met her I thought she was only 15. I even thought she was younger than me because if you are to look at her you will see a small, petite and baby faced girl and not a freshman college student. *Peace sign* Hahaha. As time passed by we became closer and closer to each other. We shared personal stories like family life, crush and love life and everything. I felt really comfortable with her and her ultimate kalokalike, Kuya! Last month she told us that she will be celebrating her birthday but it wasn't an ordinary one because it's her 18th. I was shocked when I knew that she will be 18 already! It cannot be seen in her face and the way she acts and expresses herself that she will be 18 already. She's the most childish among us four and Justine, who happened to be the youngest acts as the eldest. Hahaha. Contrary!
Belated Happy Happy Birthday to the coolest and funniest person I've met! I know in time you will be one of the best dentist in town. Keep dreaming and working hard for your dreams. Cheers to the future dentists! :)
Lady treated us at the newly opened Japanese restaurant in the mall, Rai Rai Ken. I ordered the combo meal which consist of fresh lettuce with mayonnaise, Pork Tonkatsu and Tempura. Thanks to Lady and Rai Rai Ken. Cravings satisfied! :)
With my half Chinese friend, Justine, who happened to be under diet control during that time. Nahiya naman yung combo meal namin sa one cup of rice niya. :)))
I love this picture of us. I will definetely miss our kikay friend, Candy, who will be leaving us soon. More bonding moments on sembreak before Candy leaves!!!! :) 


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