Nicole's 18th

Last August 24 was such a busy day for me and my mom. It was National Events Day just like what Vern always say. My mom and I went for an early trip to Manila to have my check-up done in QC. Right after the check-up we headed to Taft to meet my cousins for Nicole's debut which was at Laguna. We stayed first in Taft to prepare ourselves. As always we were in a hurry. I only brought one complete outfit so that I won't have a hard time fitting and matching clothes again and again.
We left Manila approximately 5 pm already. I never thought that Laguna was that far (Sta. Maria, Laguna to be specific). It took us 4 hours to travel from Manila to Laguna.
This was the scenario when we arrived. It was already the family picture taking. Okay, I kinda looked haggard here. Haggard and still isn't prepared because of the long road trip we went through. No make-ups nor haven't comb my hair :(
Here's my outfit of the night! :) Top from a store in Robinsons Lipa, Skirt from Penshoppe, Vest from MLZ store, and Feather statement necklace from Camille Co's at BU5
And because I don't have a picture with the birthday girl, I only have this. Happy Birthday Nicole! You just experienced one of the best night in your life. It was a BLAST! Party kung party!!! :))) 
Meet my youngest, big yet and coolest Ninong. He was actually our photographer for the night. Credits to him for all the photos. 
This is how we rocked the photobooth! Candid shots. We actually had 20 plus pictures taken. Nicole will surely be surprised when she get the soft copies and see our faces dominating all the pictures. Hahaha. 
After party scenes. Look at those people beside me, they're drunk already. Joke! Baby drinks only. Hahaha. 

I really had fun during that night. It was a night of meet-ups, interactions, dances, drinks, photos, foodsss in short F.U.N!!! It was a BLAST! 


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