Midnight Memories: Album Launch for a Cause


After watching this short video I made maybe you already have an idea to what this post is all about. Do you? Hahaha. 
Last December 2 my mom and I went to Manila for my monthly check-up. We went to the nearest mall after to have our lunch before heading home. While we were in the middle of eating i saw a group of girls, fashionable girls, dressed in music festival inspired outfits! I then made a conclusion that there is a crazy event happening near the place and I just need to see it. Hahahaha. 
Yes, I'm right! Eton Centris was jam packed with all these stylish girls and guys who were all waiting during that time for the release of the One Direction album! The place was filled with DIRECTIONERS!!! The ambiance of the place was really crazy during that time. One Direction songs played everywhere! 
Look who's lost and under dressed. Hahahaha. Anyway, I was able to enjoy and be present in this one of a kind big fan girl event. I'm not really a fan of One Direction but OMG, when I saw the big life size posters in the venue i just can't help it but took a picture and be a fan even just for only one day! 
Actually Zayn Malik is the most appealing member of 1D for me and I guess he's everyone's favorite too. Too bad he's already engaged and will get married soon. :( I thought I still have a chance to be his girl friend in the future. Hahaha :))) Just kidding.
Other than the album launch the newest perfume of One Direction named "One Moment" was also released. I heared that it costs 1,400-2000 Php depending on the size you want. I guess Directioners will really save their baon to buy this signatured perfume.
My first picture this year with a Christmas tree. Time flies so fast! It's almost half of December. 
In between two hot hot guys! :) 
I hope I made you happy through this post and the video I was able to document especially the Directioners out there! Next to this post would be my Bloggers United 6 experience and I'm really excited for you to see it. 


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  1. Not bad.. ^_^. i love one direction song

  2. Awesome post! Cant wait to read about ur BU6 experience! I was also there :)


  3. @ Mohd Lokman Bin Ramli, Thanks for the visit! :)
    @ Kyle Thanks! :) I'll be posting it soon. I should have seen you and greet you personally a "Happy Happy Birthday" during that day! :)

  4. hahaha! sounds like you had an amazing day fangirling, although it one direction weren't actually there in person :)


  5. Wow! You're a big fan of 1D pala! *apir!
    I wish they'd visit the country. Not really a fan girl, but I love their songs ehehe!

  6. Hey girls M&K, yes! I really had a fun time fangirling. Hahaha. How i wish they were there for real! :))
    Hi Jhanz, I'm not really a big fan but i do love their songs too! :)

    *Visited your both of your blogs! :)