Your future DENTISTS! :)

I'm so blessed to have another circle of friends this new semester. I mean, i do have already during the first but it just got bigger and merrier this second sem. Even though someone just left us, another big blessing replaced it and they were the ones I never thought I'd be this close. :)
Whenever we wear our labgowns we just can't help it but take so many photos. These are just some of the most decent pictures we've taken. Hahaha. 
Who would have thought that these people would actually be the one who'll spice up my second semester. I mean, it's real unexpected (pertaining to the guys!) We barely talk during the first semester and now, we were almost together everyday! 
Because our professors became nice to us these past few weeks and allowed us to leave early we usually have a long time of hanging out. We dined for a one straight week in the mall (which made us broke) considering that we usually eat in carenderias when we have regular classes. It seemed like everyday was a bonding day for all of us. 
Makukulit. Actually there's still someone missing in this picture due to the fact that he's always absent. Hahaha. Mas masaya sana talaga kung kumpleto silang 5. 
But wait, because we truly value him (yown!) we made sure to include him even in this photo. There he is! Jejomar. Spot his edited face over there! Grabbed this photo from our Mr. Freshmen classmate, Aj! Hahaha. 
This jumpshot maybe kind of a fail one but this summarizes the half of the month with them! Happy, Fun and Young! Looking forward for more bonding moments with each other on the coming months. 
Happy Holidays everyone! :)

*Promise, Bloggers United 6 na talaga yung next post. I was quite busy the whole week for my pre-lims and i was only able to arrange the pictures now. Hope you understand! :) 


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  1. great's always nice to meet new people who are nice...I can't wait to do that :)


  2. Great post and beautiful photos!! You look amazing!


  3. Hi Shalay! :) Thanks! I visited your blog and it looks amazing!
    Hi Fashion Lover! :) Thank you. xoxo