November School Diaries

I admit it, the start of the second semester had not been so good to me. During the second week of classes my mind was still hanging and feeling that it was still vacation after all. I had a hard time dealing with some of the subjects and more or less with the professors. But, I'm happy that as weeks passed by i was able to be back to my old studying routine and get along with the subjects i found hard to understand. 
Second Week of Second Sem. These pictures just got to show you how weird we act together during the second week of the second semester. I mean just like what i've said earlier my mind was still in the state of vacation and having literally a lot of fun during that week. Even though i've been given a lot of things to do in different subjects I still acted so easy peasy to the point that I didn't realized I was getting consecutive low grades already. :( 
I still had the time to pose like these after I got home wasted and haggard. Hahaha. Who says I can't make some fashion poses while wearing my all plain white uniform? Hahahaha :))
OOTDs. This is one of the looks that I was able to document during the casual Wednesday. I actually took a risk in wearing this outfit. Why? Because I wore an open toed shoes/sandals in school. I thought the guards would get my ID and will be sent to the Office of the Student Affairs because i know that sandals are prohibited in school. Just when i thought that sandals are allowed when i was able to pass the guards while they were looking at my sandals as if it was magical and golden. Hahaha.
A Pledge... Many things had happened last November and one of the most challenging was the pledge I made during the last week of November. I tried not to open my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blogger accounts for one week and see if there will be something changed. I guess I did the right decision of taking this challenge seriously because it helped me to be more focused with the real world. I mean almost everyday my life mostly revolves in these things and i forgot that these aren't real. I had a more quality time with the persons i love and of course i learned to value ones self. For your information I've been sleeping the longest time during that week because i don't open any of these sites. My longest sleep would be from 7:00 pm to 5:30 am. That was 10 hours and 30 minutes! :) **Pledge # 5 was the hardest above all. Joke. :P
Unplanned crazy bonding... This day was real unexpected. My guy classmates invited the three of us girls for a day bonding since we only had one class during that day. We waited for the opening of Starbucks then after having our brunch we went to quantum to feed our souls by singing to the fullest. Lastly we went for a fries party in Mcdo before we leave the mall. :) That day was really full of fun and full of stories, i mean CRAZYYY STORIES! Till the next Friday bonding fellas! :)
Thanks God it's FRIDAY! There were many ups and downs that also happened this month but still the most important thing is to get up, stay strong and never lose hope! Friendly tip: Try to balance everything. If you give your 3 hours in Facebook, you should pay 5 hours for your studies. :) Every hardships will be paid off as long as you did your BEST in everything that you do. Keep smiling sweetie! :)  


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  1. Great post! Looks like u had a great November! I love that tiger top you're wearing in the OOTD set of photos :)