Not an ordinary day with my girl friends!

Last September 24 Faye called me and told me if we could celebrate in advance my birthday because she will be very busy during the next days in school and she will not have any free time to catch up with me anymore. I called Yram too and asked if she was available that day. Good thing our schedules matched that day and voila another one of a kind meet-up full of girl talks, pictures and stories with my best girlfriends!
Actually each poses here have corresponding meanings. I'm just too shy to tell you one because it might reveal my secrets. Hahahaha. 
with my posing buddy, Faye. Hahaha. I was flattered the other day when she called me and asked for my help regarding to what she'll wear to their Froshies Acquaintance Party. Fashion adviser and stylist mode on! :) 
Thanks for my balloon and cupcakes Faye. Since I became a teen I didn't had any balloon during my birthdays. I love her idea of giving me one. It's cute right? :) I felt like a kid again! 
My camera shy friend, Yram. Hahaha. During that same day she asked too for my help and advise on what she'll wear for the Med-Tech Night. I'm feeling pro. Hahaha. Accessories worn grabbed! I love my friends. They trust me that much when it comes in choosing what to wear.
Thanks Yram for your gift. I opened it already. The gift and paper bag matched together. You really know the abubots I love collecting. ;) By the way, I've been eyeing this paper bag since the day I saw it. Fortunately Yram chose it as the paper bag for her gift. The paper bag was really meant for me. Ang cute! Paris <3
And again I want to thank these two people who celebrated with me in advance my birthday. You mean the world to me. Thank you for supporting me in whatever I do and whatever I want. I know I can always count on both of you. Though everything was planned I was still surprised in some way. I love you both! 💋


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