Basics and Polkas

Sharing you again a very late post of mine. I still have 3 back logs after this. Hahaha. It is no other than school that caused me to have a busy life. Hello I'm in College already and besides it's my number one priority as of now. :) I'm loving everything that's happening in my life as a college student. I'm feeling determined and motivated. :)
It's been a long time since I documented and posted an ootd here. Tagal kong absent. I was more focused on the consecutive events that happened. It's funny that lately I always forgot to take an outfit shot even though it's only a click or two. Maybe because I'm always in a hurry and when I remember of doing some outfit shots it is already late because Mr. Sun has set already.
Maybe during this time I remembered to take my outfit shots because the place is a good background and eye catching. Who wouldn't want to take some shots in this almost perfect place. It's so gorgeous! Look at the mountains behind me. It looks like a painting! 
This view also! <3 It seems like we were in a different world when in fact it is only a place in my grand parent's. We can't help it but feel tourists again in our own place. Hahaha. This place is being commercialized and developed now and years later this will be one of the known tourist spot in the Philippines! I'm sure I'll be seeing you there years from now. :)
Top: Cotton On (borrowed from Ica), Necklace from a random bazaar in Manila, Shoes from New Yorker

My second youngest cousin in the family had celebrated his 3rd birthday the day before I celebrated mine. For some reason we were reunited again for this special event. This kid is very special to me. He's exceptional and definitely different from the rest. He's intelligent! I find it cute whenever he'll approach me and call me "Ate Shaira". He just turned 3 yet he already speaks in fluent words not like the other typical three year old kids. 
I helped in doing some of the arrangements for his birthday. Hahaha. Proud! His birthday turned out to be great and memorable one. 
I guess Hanz really loved our gift. The smile on his face was priceless during that time. I love this kid so much! I can't wait for him to grow bigger. 


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