Yakap ng Pastol

Last October 19 we watched in my alma mater (currently my siblings' school) a play entitled Yakap ng Pastol. It was a play about how much the RGS Sisters contributed to the Philippine history. The play was directed by no other than Mr. Ariel Hagos and of course played and portrayed each by the PAO talents.
I cannot believe it that how on earth would my brother be a member of the Performing Arts Office!!! I mean it's PAO, it's the most popular organization where most of the talented people in our school came from. It was his first time to join the play and I guess he enjoyed and learned alot from his experiences. He was given minor roles yet he has some speaking lines! I even took a video of the longest line he said. I was praying during the time when was speaking that hopefully he will not miss any word or if there's any no one might notice it! I'm proud that he didn't messed up! He was able to state it clear and clean. Proud ate here! Hahaha. Future stage sister :P
Here's the ootn of me and my girls! By the way sorry for the low quality pictures. Took these pictures using phones only and some pictures were only grabbed. I hope you understand. :)
Perfect way to end the night! It was a blast and as expected it was a success again! :) Kudos to PAO talents and of course Sir Madz! 


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  1. Looks like a great play! Glad u had a fun night. And its ok about the picture qualities... I get it. Hindi naman natin palaging dala dala ang mga SLRs natin haha.


  2. Kylie, EXACTLY! hahaha. Good thing we, bloggers, are still ready because we do have our phones as weapons to document important events like this! :D