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I think this will be my first time to write here a blog about the things I love! :) I came up with this segment to take a break first from all those outfit shots and blog diaries that I usually write here. 
To start with one of the things that I really love doing is reading especially when it is all about those girly stuffs that I want. Good thing I discovered this application 3 months ago and I just need to share it with you. This app is All Women Stalk. Some of you may be familiar with this already but from those who aren't this is an app where you can find all the girly girl stuffs you have been looking for. Jam packed app! Some of my mostly viewed categories are weight loss :P, diet, DIY, celebs, fashion and travel. This will literally help you alot! You may download this app in the app store for free or you may visit their website by clicking this.   
Along with those floral crowns I'm sure all of you are familiar with these equally pretty floral sunnies. One of the things that I have been eyeing since the day I first saw it are these DIY flower sunnies. It's cute right? I've been seeing these kind of glasses in random boutiques already. Anyway, if you are interested to buy one I know an online shop who sells flower sunglasses like these two. :)  
Drop dead gorgeous! This is how I describe these kind of clutches. Look at those blings and laces. To tell you honestly, I fell for these kind of clutches already. You can see it here. Who wouldn't want to own one? It's a statement piece. Either you're wearing a plain top and jeans or evening dress using a statement clutch would definitely make your whole look perf and fab! 
These over rated and over used muscle tees will never go out of style. To tell you honestly my first muscle tee came from my first ever DIY. You can see it here. :)) I love muscle tees because it is very comfortable to wear and easy to style. Here are some of the pictures I grabbed from Forever21 page. I think it can help you out in styling your muscle tees! :) 
This shop is one of my latest addiction. It's Cruella and Co. online shop. You can view their instagram page here. What I love in their shop is that aside from selling the latest and trendy clothes nowadays, they offer free shipping fee! It's cool right? Plus size? Don't fret because they offer too clothes for plus size customers but you just need to pay an additional fee. I haven't tried this online shop but my cousins and I are planning. :) 
I've made a review about this shop before. You can read it here. This shop is honestly one of the shops I would always look back to because it has a sentimental value. :) It is the shop where I had my first online buying experience and I can say that it was all worth it. The owner of the shop has gone through so many challenges these past few weeks, to the point that she decided to close it, but then due to public demand and support she had been getting from her followers and customers including me she decided to continue the quest by starting all out again and renamed the shop More to Love PH. So again, if you're one plus size reader of mine, you'll probably need to follow and try this shop because I am telling you, you might be startled with the latest products she is selling right now! Affordable pieces plus free shipping is on so you might need to save now just like what I am doing! :)
Lastly this post wouldn't be complete without my latest discovery. Along with Vern and Verniece, Laureen, Kryz and Camille's blogs, one of my new addiction is Camilla Sentuti's blog named Glamgerous which means dangerously attractive. Fab right? What I love with her and her blog is that she's really a pro! A girl originally from Italy but tried to fit in the big city of New York. I love her photos, her backdrops, her words and accent! Fan girl mode again! She's now on my top list of the people I want to meet in the future.

I hope I was able to help you and share with you effectively. I love writing and I will probably write more stuffs like this in my next blog posts! :) Hope you didn't get bored at all!


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