Officially 17

During my birthday last September 30 I spent almost my whole day in school. My morning started not so good because I was 15 minutes late in my first subject and aside from that I wasn't feeling well the whole day. Good thing I felt better during the evening before we had my birthday dinner.
Before anything else I would like to share with you my outfit last September 30 during my birthday dinner. Fashion blogger muna ang peg ko! :))) This is what I wore during my birthday dinner. One thing that I told myself before my birthday was that I want to wear something black and white to come up with a classy and elegant outfit. I came up wearing my skirt from Plus Shop Ph (now More to Love Ph) and paired it with my lace Cotton On top. I thought of using my SM Accessories clutch too which my mom gave me (I actually force her to give me one. Hahaha) as a reward. To complete the look I grabbed some accessories from Mimi which she bought at Laureen Uy's booth last BU5So here is the result of my mix and matching powers. Something I could have worn at Laureen Uy's Break My Style App lauch. Hahaha. Just kidding! I'm the queen of the day anyway! :)
My mom was also in theme black and white! Hahaha. I like it so much. She supports me alot when it comes to all this fashion thingyyss of mine. 
Moving on, my birthday ended with a family dinner with some of the relatives. I purposely chose Hap Chan because it's a Chinese restaurant and I've been craving for some chinese styled foods again and besides I've been getting good feedbacks lately from random good friends of mine. 
The place was very nice and the staffs were friendly. The interior, the smell and even the temperature in the place made us reminisce again and started a topic about our recent trip last summer where we used to eat in Chinese restaurants like this one. Okay let's use the hashtag #Throwback Hahaha. 
Look at these people! Most of them wore red! Chinese vibes all the way! Hahaha. I hope this year will be a lucky and prosperous one for me and for all of us. Let's cross our fingers! :)
And here I am getting fatter and fatter again. :'( Why?! Chubby face and chubby arms we meet again. </3 It's so hard to lose weight when the only thing that I can do now this sembreak is to stay at home, sleep and eat!
Picture with the oldies. :)
Foods we ordered. Actually these foods were all cooked in Chinese style. My best picks and now my favorites are the Hap Chan special pancit canton and Chinese styled sweet and sour fish fillet. The fish fillets were so yummy. It was so soft and totally melt on tongue. You should try this one when you eat in Hap Chan.
With the whole family. It's good to see that I still have on-the-go relatives who did shared, went and dine with me during my special day. You guys completed my day. 
With my two equally giant boys! :O People especially guys nowadays grow so fast. My cousin on the left is 17 also while my younger brother on the right side is 13 only. I guess our height totally runs in the blood. :)
Officially 17! I just want to thank everybody who greeted, gave gifts, surprised and celebrated with me my birthday last September 30. I am happy that the start of my 17th year was a prosperous and blessed one. I'm thankful to God because He gave me another year to celebrate and live this beautiful life with the persons I love.


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