Billy Crawford Concert Experience

I am happy to announce that my first sem as a college student had just ended. 1 sem down, 11 sems to go!!! :) One of the most memorable and my favorite among all the past events that happened last semester was Billy Crawford's Concert. Let me use this blog to tell you my concert experience. :) I'm excited! 
It was a requirement for us in PE class to buy a ticket in Billy's concert. Most of the people didn't watch the concert and only bought because it is required while the others used their tickets so it won't go to waste. Justine and I took the chance and bought tickets in which we will be able to see Billy in the nearest possible way. Hahaha. We're fans, okay! He's one of the artist that I look up to since then because he's multi-talented and way back then I was really a fan of Billy and Sarah G's loveteam. Hahaha. :))) The staffs were hard enough to put gates that separated those who bought exclusive tickets from the not. 
The concert started at almost 7 in the evening already. You can literally count the people in the VIP and exclusive seats. It was really few. Justine and I were both very lucky to be there and you'll know why later! :) 
The concert started by the performances of the prides of LPU like the LPU Dance Machine, Music Box and more... One of the celebrity guest in Billy's concert was Barbie Almalbis. She looked as young as ever. It cannot be seen in her appearance that she has already two kids. So petite! 
When Billy Crawford came out Justine and I took the chance of going to the nearest possible place where we can clearly see and of course touch Billy. Look again at the Barbie Almalbis picture. We were honestly sitting in that view but then we just experienced an adrenaline rush when we saw BILLY!  We ran and occupied the 4th front row seats because it was vacant. I told you, there were less people in the VIP section! 

This was a compilation of the videos I arranged and took during the concert. Sorry for the shakiness. Play it in 360p or HD for better viewing results! :) 

The whole Billy Crawford concert experience was truly a memorable one especially when he went down the stage, walked down the aisle and held my hands for about 7 seconds. Another one was when Justine asked for my handkerchief (good thing I have 2 in my bag) and suddenly wiped Billy's sweat on his face. Lol. Bango ng pawis, swear! Hahahaha.

Okay, I think it's too much fangirling already. We just can't help it. I'm looking forward for more artists this coming semester. 


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