Daegu, South Korea (Day 1,2,3)

Hello everyone! I'm finally blogging my recent trip this summer! Korea was not really a dream place to visit for me but when the opportunity knocked 2 months before the trip I found myself excited and all set for a memorable 10 days Korea experience with my co-studentists. This whole trip was actually a Korean-Dental Training Program arranged by LPU-Batangas to 10 students who wants to experience and indulge in Korea's dental education, advancements and industries in partnership with Daegu Health College.

Our flight was supposedly scheduled at 5:20 pm, May 21, 2019 but because of flight delay due to bad weather our flight was moved at 11:20 pm that same day. Our bodies were stressed and tired already because we've been at the airport as early as 3pm in the afternoon and it was our first time to experience such long delay.  
What spiced up the whole waiting game was the presence of a Filipino actor from GMA network. I wasn't really familiar with him until I found out that my friends were sneaking in one by one because they found a "cute oppa" around the place. I don't know how my friends had found out that he's an actor but one thing's for sure, my friends are really a pro when it comes to stalking! We found out that this guy's name is Jeric Gonzales and stalked his social media accounts. Boss Jobs started this picture taking thing, followed by Bonsie then the Powerpuff girls. Haha! 
After the 7 hours waiting game plus our 4 hours flight, finally, Hello Korea!!! 
This was my first breakfast in Korea, a strawberry sandwich from CU. It actually tasted really good that I included it in every meal that I had in Seoul during our last 3 days.
After long hours of travelling I didn't expected that there's literally more of it just to arrive in Daegu. It took us 5 hours by bus to reach Daegu Health College.
Finally arrived at 2pm in our dormitory. We were asked by Dr. Kim's Secretary, Mr. Seo, to be ready by 2:30 pm for our lunch followed by the opening ceremony in school. Imagine the look in our faces when we heard that! We're meeting the president of the school and some of the Korean personalities with high positions in the school with tired faces and no baths.
Out for lunch in a nearby restaurant in school. First lunch in Korea was satisfying! :)
After lunch we headed to the board room for the brief opening ceremony and campus tour. We went to the dormitory afterwards to unpack our things, rest and relax and prepare for the next day of classes.
There was a Blood Letting Activity when we arrived.

Day 2

Our training officially started during our Day 2 in DHC. Our mornings usually begin with a long and tiring climb in this stairs followed by more stairs and walking to reach our room. Our whole life in Korea basically involved a lot of walking and sometimes running and I must say that I wasn't prepared for any of it. Feel ko naglabasan ang muscles ng legs ko after the whole Korea trip.
Our first training activity was about "Surgical stent". Almost all of us were not really familiar with it since the activity that were assigned to us were related to the courses of dental technicians.
I enjoyed the whole activity and I learned a lot from it. We weren't able to finish it before lunch so our professor told us to be back the following week to continue what we have started.
For our lunch Mr. Seo ordered some rice cakes, sandwiches, spicy sushis and *i don't know the other one* for us. I wasn't able to eat that much because everything was freaking spicy. :( 
During our afternoon training, we joined a CAD/CAM class of dental technician students who wish to have their practice abroad. We had our own Korean partner/s and instead of learning CAD/CAM, the whole afternoon felt like a getting to know thing between us.
I was partnered with Sean, the guy who's also with us during our Prostho training early that morning. He speaks English well because his first course before Dent tech was English Literature. I learned many things about him and his friends and they were nice enough to entertain all my questions and musings about Daegu especially its tourist spots. Hahaha! Sean and Migos thought me where the best tourist spots in Daegu and if we only have more time to explore the city we might have went to all of it especially to 83 tower and Apsan Observatory. 

Day 3

Our Day 3 was meant for university and hospital hopping around Daegu. Our first stop was Kyungpook National University Dental Hospital. This school have numerous campuses already in Daegu and they allotted one whole campus for a dental school! KNU has a lot of different dental facilities too. We were brought to the laboratories first then to their dispensary after.   
Another dental hospital that we were brought to was MIR Dental Hospital. This building doesn't even looked like a dental hospital and more of a hotel. It's very beautiful! Everything was high-tech and luxurious looking. I wonder if something like this exists in the Philippines. I wasn't able to take lots of pictures but I do have videos to show on my upcoming vlog! Wait for it! :)
We ate at Ashley American Grill and Salad Buffet during lunch. There were a lot of selection and by that time we were happy that we tasted a bit of American foods again.
Moving on to implant industries, our third stop was Dentis. It's pretty impressive that there were a lot of rising implant industries in Daegu. We were told during the tour that Koreans prefer having dental implants than having prosthesis. I guess it's the reason why implant industries are very in demand and fast rising in Daegu. The one that we went first is really huge. They also have a nice interior and it doesn't seemed like an implant industry at first when you look at it.  
We were given freebies and giveaways after the whole tour. Thank you, Dentis Implant! :)
Our last stop for that day was MegaGen Dental Implant. It's another implant industry that doesn't even looked like one. Haha! Look at the interior! It looks more of a hotel lobby than a dental industry lobby. This place gave us the warmest welcome and tour among all that we had during that day. It's not just an industry tour but we also had lectures about Korean culture. We didn't leave the place without having freebies and they gave us the best souvenir that we took home from Daegu. Thank you so much for the warm welcome, MegaGen! :)

After the whole tour during our third day, we were fetched by our "oppas" at around 8 in the evening and brought us to a board game cafe. We had a good and fair game, everyone was happy and it ended a really good night for everyone.

There were a lot of things that already happened in our first 3 days in Daegu. Everyday was tiring but everyday was one for the books! 

The next posts will be more of our cultural tours in Daegu (more fun!) plus more pictures are coming!!! :) Watch out for my upcoming vlog too. Thanks for visiting! 


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