Hours from now it will be 2015 already. My 2014 has truly been a crazy roller coaster ride. In that span of 365 days many events took place that shaped me into who I am now. There are many ups and downs, fun times and sad times, problems that came, but the thing is, I faced and survived 2014! As a new year begins again I've listed my own New Year's Resolutions. It's my first time to actually make one and I  hope I can accomplish it before 2015 ends.
1. Study hard- There are times when I feel too lazy to study especially when there are literally a lot of school works to do. But amidst all those things my goals are what motivate me to start doing so. My studies will always be my priority (aside from God and my family) and I always put in mind that all the hard works that I'm doing will pay off and eventually lead me to what I'm aiming for. :)
2. Spend less and Save more- Yes! Yes! I'm not really guilty about this because I don't spend my money to things I don't need. The only exception is if it's a necessity or if I really want it for so long. I don't actually spend too much on clothes even though I love fashion and wants to have the latest ones. This year I want to double my savings and use it for travel and road trip purposes. :) 
3. Be fit- I'm happy that this 2014 I lose weight. I mean I lose 9 kilos! Yes! My secret? Zumba and Diet :) I actually didn't thought that I will be able discipline myself and do it. From being called fat to slim, it's an achievement! This 2015 my goal is to have a physically fit frame. I want my arm and leg muscles to appear just like those gym persons I know.
4. Be more open to challenges- I can't believe I'm saying this but YES, I want to be more open to challenges. I want to test on how far I can go. But still, I hope these challenges doesn't have any connections with things I really hate the most. Please. 
5. Have more circles and friends- 2014 gave me the best circles and friends I didn't wish for. I'm lucky enough I still have them since then, now and hopefully until forever. Cheers to building more memories, having more adventures fun times with them. 
6. Be a more productive blogger- So far I'm enjoying updating my blog and reading your comments from time to time. This year my first blog collaborations happened and I'm so happy about it!!! All of these wouldn't be possible if it wasn't because of my readers who continue to support and visit my blog. Thank you! :) I'm looking forward for more blog collaborations and projects this coming 2015.   
7. Inspire people- This is one of my life goal. Someday, I want someone to tell me that because of me he/she didn't give up. I hope through all these little acts I'm doing I'm being a good example to each and everyone I meet.

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year! :)


Yesterday my lil sister and I met for our mini- OOTD Christmas party. It was an OOTD kind of day because she told me that she don't wear something like this every time she goes out. She only have the guts to wear one when she's with me. Haha! :) We did a lot from day to night. Just like any other girls day out we ate, stalked (she saw her crush in the mall!!! Major alert!), fitted and shopped a little (we bought matching tops), told stories and laughed like crazies. 
The venue was of course in my favorite hang-out place, Maribelle Julieth's Cafe. It's her first time there and she liked it so much. We ordered the famous Cookies and Cream and Caramel frappes and Putannesca. We also had blue berry and strawberry cheese cakes in Cafe Amadeo. 
We have contrasting outfits. She's the type of girl who likes swagger outfits (she said) while on the other hand, mine will always be the girly one. As for the gifts we gave each other, I gave her a pastel colored top (which is my thing, haha) and she gave me a black and red dress (which is her style). I liked it so much!!!
It was another well spent Friday with my lil sis! Till our next Shut Up and Dance kind of trip!


Hi guys! 2 days left and I can officially greet y' all a Merry Christmas! Here's another outfit I wore last week when it started to get gloomy and cold. I opted to wear the pieces I haven't wore. I bought the sweater last May this year while the skirt was from last year's holiday sale. Haha! Anyway, there's always a perfect outfit for every season and I'm glad I've got to wear these pieces. 

Aside from the outfit post, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite quotes that I kept in my notes.

"The hardest battle you will ever have to fight is between who you are now and who you want to be."

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."

"Never ignore someone who loves you and cares about you. Cause one day you may realize you lost the moon while counting stars."

"I'm going to succeed because I'm crazy enough to think that I can."

"She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines. She was beautiful for the way she thought. She was beautiful, for the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. She was beautiful, for her ability to make other people smile even if she was sad. No, she wasn't beautiful for something as temporary as her looks. She was beautiful deep down to her soul.

"Second chances aren't always a guarantee, so use your first chance wisely."

"Stop waiting for the perfect boy. He's not out there. There's no such thing as fairy tales. Your life isn't an 80's movie. If you push that boy away, he's not gonna come back and comfort you. He's gonna leave. Life isn't like a movie. Stop expecting it to be. But there's such thing as love. So find it, just with your hopes not as high."

Outfit details

Sweater: Mint
Skirt: Forever21
Bag: Gift from Ate Liezel
Bracelet: Maldita
Shoes: Chestbox (Bloggers United 6)

Merry Christmas! :)


And here come's the second part of the Shaiwa-Lorens-Terry travel diary! But this time we're with my college best friend, Shobe. I shall call this the Shaiwa-Shobe-Lorens-Terry travel diary. Haha! First and foremost this road trip was more unexpected than the first one. I was lying in bed that time when someone texted me. It was Terry and she was asking me if she could come over and hang for a while. I haven't replied to her until I received another message saying that she was in front of the house already. I was surprised! She told me if we can go on a road trip that day in Lipa again. I immediately contacted my college bff, Shobe, and told her to get dressed and be ready in 5 minutes. Haha!  

We called our friend, Lorens from Lipa, to join us again in another road trip! And our road trip begins here... 
We ended up taking the road again going to Marian Orchard and headed straight till we reached the dead end. And here it is... We found ourselves at the shore and plaza of Balete Batangas.

Because no one's going to take our photos... groupie! 

There was an unexpected thing that happened when we were traveling from Balete to Marian. We almost hit a chicken by accident and it almost went inside the car passing through the front window where Shobe was seated. She's afraid of birds! Hahaha. 

Our second and last stop was at Marian Orchard again. This time we're with Shobe. It was beautiful there during that time because it was sunset! :) The place looked even more beautiful when we went there. I thought it was a bit destroyed because of the recent typhoon but it looked as if it wasn't affected at all. 
My favorite picture of us three. :)
I know I've said this many times here in my blog but travelling with the best company always leaves the best memories. I'm happy someone's added in our road trip that day, and she's not just a someone because she's a very good friend of mine. :)
I can't wait for more road trips and fun times to come! I hope 2015 has many travel plans and galas in store for us. I can't wait for our next road trip! 

Advance Merry Christmas! :)


Since I turned 18 many doors and opportunities came. I have more privileges now but of course it also means that I have more responsibilities to think. One of the few perks of coming to this age is the independence that my mom trusted me. Lately, I've seen myself going on consecutive travels and road trips with my friends. I have never been this free in my entire life and I am so happy about it. I've got to explore places I never knew existed, tried foods I barely taste and of course get to know my friends more (in a deeper sense). I've never been in love to road trips until I get to experience consecutive ones with my travel buddies. They made me realize that life can still be enjoyed at a little cost with the group of people whom you can call your family. As long as you're with the best company, everything goes perfect and fun!
OUTFIT: My outfit today was unplanned. I was in a hurry during that day because I woke up late and we need to leave early to catch the 10 am mass in St. Padre Pio Shrine. Because I was literally running late during that time and I haven't think of a nice outfit to wear hours before I just picked and got any clothes from my closet. I ended up getting the pieces which I still haven't wore yet and came up combining my close friends' birthday gifts to me a few months ago. Fortunately, I guess, these two pieces complemented together and it turned out pretty well. I shall call this outfit "PATRICE x YRAM" outfit. Hahaha! 
What do you think of this?

Outfit details

Top: Oxygen (from Patrice)
Skirt: From Yram
Sandals: SM Parisian


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