I'm finally blogging our Island Hopping Experience! This post is quite lengthy but I assure you, you'll enjoy while reading the captions and browsing through the pictures. :)

Days before the island hopping I've already researched the islands we're about to go. Starfish, Luli, and Cowrie islands are what's in our itinerary. 

Of course the only means of transportation for the island hopping are boats. Although my grandparents live near the beach I don't have much experience in riding a boat and my first time to try island hopping. Before we headed the wharf we stopped by a snorkeling equipments shop. We rented snorkeling shoes (the experts say it's a must to protect the feet from stone fishes) as well as diving masks in order to see the corals and fishes clearly. 

There are so many small islands we've spotted during the boat tour and this one was one of the many island I'm talking about. This island is not an abandoned one because the government of Palawan preserves and takes good care of it. 

As what I can remember our tourist guide told us that this island was privately owned by a family of foreigners.

We also spotted this floating turtle platform. Little did I know that it's the famous Pambato Reef already.  

First stop was the Starfish Island. It was such an amazing sight to see a lot of starfishes when we stepped out of the boat. It was nice to be welcomed by a lot of starfishes scattered along the shore.  

So this was me the moment I stepped the white sand of Starfish Island. Can't pass this big frame without having a picture taken in it. :)

We had the chance to snorkel in this island and it was actually one of my firsts! We were able to see a lot of different sized beautiful corals and different kinds of fishes. It was a really nice experience to see the rich world underwater.

After an hour and a half we were transported to another island named LULI island which means Lulubog Lilitaw. We were lucky enough that it was low tide when we went. It is my favorite island among the three because it's not the usual island or beach you can see in other island hopping. It's pretty awesome in person!

This was me the moment I stepped on the island. It was beautiful and kind of romantic? Haha. 

My jump shot attempts :) I did many jump shots but these were the sorted decent (i think?) pictures I have.

There is a diving board as well which my mom and siblings tried. I wasn't able to take a dip since I spent the whole time taking a tour and taking A LOT of pictures. Haha :)

And just like that we bid goodbye to this beauty :( If only I could have spent a longer time here...

The last island that we went to was the Cowrie Island. It was named after the marine gastropod mollusk, Cowrie. We had our buffet lunch here. They served a large number of different sea foods and Asian pasta dishes. 

We felt like we were in a big oven in Cowrie. It was really hot that when I walk and opt for pictures I have to do it fast because I felt like I was burning. I didn't really know how those people feel while swimming and engaging in some water activities. I even decided to gave up Banana Boating even though I really want to just because it was freakin' 1 pm in the afternoon and I don't want to go back home toasted. Hello? 

It was a real struggle to take some shots there so just imagine how fast I took the photo above. Maybe 3 seconds? Haha. I suggest you bring a trusted sun block when you go there. :)

Before we leave the island we spotted some banceros and tourists posing weirdly for some photo ops near the shore with those cans, shells and coconuts. I didn't know what the hype was all about until I saw the end pictures. My mom and I tried it as well. :)

Honda Bay island hopping is a must when you go to Puerto Princesa. It was an amazing and different experience. :) 


Lately I've been seeing a lot of Sports Luxe outfits from my co-bloggers and I wondered how it'll fit me when I give it a try. Just as what I've said I want to see it for myself and make my own version of "Sports Luxe" look by using my top pick baseball hat as the statement piece from Fanatics. I actually haven't wore a baseball cap for my outfit because I'm not the sporty type of girl so this is quite a challenge for me. But after I put on this outfit virtually I realized how tons of ways I can wear it without only looking sporty but as well as chic. So here it is, the outfit I put on and probably what I'll be sporting when I showcase a sporty luxe outfit using a baseball cap here on my blog. 

Cap // Top // Pants // Bag // Shoes

How was it? :) 


Before I continue doing the travel post I want to share you first the outfit I wore during the Island Hopping. One day before the trip I thought of packing the summer pieces I have in my closet which I still haven't showcased here in my blog. I threw these purple top which I bought recently (I was torn which size to get but ended up with medium), these skorts I bought a year ago which I still haven't wore not until this trip ( I actually don't find any perfect time and event to wear this) and my newly bought two-piece which didn't even look like one because I don't have the guts to wear it without any cover-up. I'm sure no one's ready to say "Hello" to my flabs! LOL! 

How was my outfit? :) Thank you for the lovely comments, compliments and support from all of you. I'm really happy whenever I read and reply to each one. :)

Photographed by Aimee Bustillo