It feels 2 years when in reality its only been two weeks since I last blogged. Gahhh, I miss it! I'm happy to be blogging again. Midterms is over and we're down to the last two months before our sembreak!!! I just want this stressful semester to end. Haha! Anyway, these pictures were taken last month during our Sunday family bonding with the Varona's. I grew not really close to them because we barely see and bond together since we live far from each other. I've realized that I've been missing a lot of experience and fun when I got to be with them and spent a whole day with them. If given the chance, I actually would want to spend more time and explore more places with them. I love their company and I feel really comfortable with them. Hoping to be with them on my future adventures! :)

Outfit details

Top from Folded and Hung
Denim jeans from Guess
Bag from Segue Firenze


As I grow and age I came to realize that my preference about styles and clothes changes over time. For almost 3 years of blogging one of the things that I have discovered is how I define the words chic, casual and classy. 

Here are some of my styling tips for you. (All clothes from SammyDress)

CHIC. From having those pastel dreams and twirling outfits why don't you try mixing and matching an outfit consisting of a simple bold shirt, patterned skirt, structured bag and a pair of gladiator heels. You'll feel a professional cinderella in this kind of outfit. 

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CASUAL. Other than pairing a t-shirt and jeans, remember that casual outfit can never be boring! Try wearing a plaid crop top, bodycon skirt, leather espadrilles and a funky cute bag for a comfortable and equally stylish look! Perfect for day tours and movie nights!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

CLASSY. For a fancy dinner or cocktail parties, I suggest you to try wearing a jumpsuit in black, pointed white heels, a black bag and metallic accessories. It doesn't only make you look classy but it will surely catch attention (plus points if you're tall!).  

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All items are from Check out their site for great and affordable finds!


Whenever August approaches I become quite excited for the upcoming events and celebrations coming. One of the event that I'm looking forward to is my birthday next month! I can't imagine how fast time passed by. It still feels surreal that it's almost a year since I celebrated my debut and that I'm turning 19 already in a month!!! I'll make sure to spend my last year as a teen to the fullest. Anyway, as early as now, I have already made my first birthday wishlist and here are some of the few things I'm looking forward to receive on my special day. Expect more wishlists on the coming days! Haha :)


I've always loved exploring historical places that I've only got to read in books. Last Sunday I was given the opportunity to visit one when we strolled down town and saw the house of our national hero's first love. It was truly a love at first sight. The place is grand, the furnitures are well-preserved and every sight is truly one for the books. My favorite spots are the staircase and the master's bedroom. There are also a lot of portraits, interesting furnitures with labels like the violin, piano and the chess table where Rizal and Manuel Luz played. The dresses of Segunda Katigbak are displayed in the house too. It was a fun and at the same time a fulfilling experience to visit one of the Philippine historical site. I should probably visit more places like this in the next weeks. :)

Outfit: It's a coincidence that my outfit matched the shooting location. Haha! :) I chose to play a print on print outfit and wore the new additions to my closet. I liked the quality of this  long chiffon loose blouse from Newdress. The design is versatile enough to let me wear it in any occasions- walk tours, beach trips,  parties etc. Aside from the blouse I also got this Dog cartoon messenger bag from the same brand. I like that it's not only cute but also fits all the essentials like my tablet, notebook, phone and wallet. 

Outfit details:

Skirt: Forever21
Sandals: Parisian Plus

Photographed by: Erika Aira Pamplona