Excuse my wacky and priceless face. I'm officially 19!!! :))
Today marks the beginning of my 19th year of existence. I've come to realize how blessed and happy I am to be experiencing everything that I have right now whether it may be good or bad. 

People say I've changed a lot. No, I didn't. Perhaps, I've grown. I'm still the same Shaira that everybody knows- the mad looking, snobbish tall girl you see but still the craziest and jolliest friend you'll have. I can't believe on how many crazy things I've been through already and how many worst and best decisions I've made that shaped my whole life now-- from having the ultimate nephrologist dream but turns out of being a dentist in the making, from being called fat to sexy, from hating to buy clothes and now being a fashion blogger, from hating make-ups and now wanting to have a collection, from  having one friend but now belongs in a group, from being left out to being wanted, still an achiever, from wishing to be noticed by my crush and now he did (Haha!!) and a lot more.  I know there's more to come-- more challenges and problems, more people to meet, more laughters and tears, more travels and adventures-- and I'm excited to experience everything! One thing's for sure, I love how I've become now and how I chose to direct my life. Thanks to all the people who have been part of it. Cheers to my 19 years of existence! :)

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Last month we celebrated two of our classmates' birthdays. From the moment we stepped inside the van, I know it's going to be a one of a kind day. We went first to the mall, dined at Italiannis' during the afternoon and Shakeys' during the evening. The supposedly main highlight of the day (that everyone was excited about!!!) turned out to be a total fail. We planned to spend the rest of the day at one of the famous amusement park in town, Star City, and assumed to experience all the attractions there but it turned out that we went on a wrong day because the place is very crowded. We ended up riding the Ferris wheel only.  Although we've expected a lot from our tour there, I still enjoyed the day because I never got bored with the company I were in. 

Being in a bigger group and having a lot of friends are some of the reasons why I'm currently enjoying and living the semester to the fullest. Although we have a lot of differences and that there are times when we feel isolated, OP or awkward from each other, I've learned to understand and embrace the flaws of each of them. 


Something fresh, something new and something romantic, these are, for sure, some of the few things that each and every bride are looking for her bridesmaids' dresses. Every time I am asked to be a bridesmaid I always consider the type of dress that I'm going to wear- the color, the style of the dress whether it is short or maxi, spaghetti strap or sleeveless and the design and embedding of the dress.

I have come across an online shop, Promtimes.co.uk , which specializes a lot of dresses and gowns perfect for any kind of occasions especially bridesmaid dresses. I picked 3 of my favorite from their collections and let me share you why.
Sweetheart Sleeveless. I’m sure every bridesmaid would be in awe to wear this classic piece. The sexy cut of this dress is what caught my attention. I love heart shaped tubes because it looks sexy without even trying to be. The purity of the dress also made it timeless and elegant. This dress is perfect for vintage and church weddings.
Spaghetti Strap Sleeveless. I love tulle skirts and princess like dresses that’s why this is my favorite of all. Wait, I forgot to say that it is in my favorite color as well. Plus points for that! Haha! I highly recommend this for brides who wants to have a group of bridesmaids looking like sweet live dolls on their wedding day. 
V-Neck Sleeveless.  I’m actually not a fan of v-neck dresses because I find it too revealing but this one’s not too deep. The semi-flare style of the dress as well as the color makes it a retro/modern dress. I like how versatile it is that aside from wearing it as a bridesmaid dress, you can still wear it as a casual dress.

You wouldn’t believe when I say this but all of these are actually bridesmaid dresses under 50. Feel free to check out the other items Promtimes.co.uk have in store. I’m sure they can cater any of your dress needs. 


We’re already in half of September and my birthday is just 14 days away!!! I can’t imagine how time flies so fast and that I'm bound to spend my last year as a teen. Last year I was just planning for my debut and now, it was all done. How could I ever forget the day I turned into a princess even just for one whole night? It was all magical.
One of the few things that I greatly consider during my big day is finding the perfect dress. I’ve always dreamt of wearing a pink ball gown because I know it’s every princesses’ dresses. I was so happy to have found and wore one on my special day. But, if I were given another chance to repeat and choose over a new gown for my birthday I would have probably chose a vintage evening dress or a mermaid evening dress.

Vintage evening dresses has made a big comeback these days because of its timeless designs and features. My favorite vintage detail is the lace details because it has the power of making a look classy and sophisticated. On the other hand, Mermaid evening dresses is also one of my choice. Opposite the vintage, mermaid evening dresses shows off a modern style that will accentuate your best features when worn. This dress best fits a tall and slim lady because it not just emphasize the height but also the sexy figure.   

What type of gowns from Wishesbridal do you prefer? I hope you got to visit Wishesbridal's site for more gown options and got some tips from this post! :)

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September has finally arrived! This is definitely my favorite month not only because we're near to end this sem but because it's my birth month!!! I remember last year- same days and month, I was so busy arranging everything for my debut. I can't believe it's almost a year already since that special day happened. Anyway, I want to take the whole month of September an opportunity to take out of my comfort zone- express myself through the clothes I wear, dress up and show the best versions of me. First things first, I'm really happy when I received this dress from Dressgal a few days ago. It's actually in my birthday wishlist and I'm happy to tick this off. I love the fit of the dress on me plus the length is just perfect to accentuate my height. I love the comfort and confidence it give me while wearing it.  What do you think? :)