When I was in High school I used to think of how life would be in my twenties- what career path and life will I have in college, who will be my new set of friends, what places will I be able to travel, who will be my boyfriend, what will be my accomplishments and the like. I was so excited for my future back then that I forgot to think of the problems or mishaps that I may encounter during those years. 11 years go I was so passionate of being a doctor that whoever asks me what I want to be I would proudly say "I want to be a doctor preferably a nephrologist". Fast forward to 4 years I became one of those Dentistry students in LPU and 7 years later, I'm still here in my college finishing my requirements for graduation. 5 years ago I used to say that I would never want a boyfriend in my life while I'm still studying but 3 years after, I had the biggest plot twist in my life and never knew I would have a boyfriend that same year haha! All my life I was an introvert and never thought I would came out of my shell when I reached my college years. I was able to cope up with the culture shock that College life slapped me and embraced the changes and challenges that it threw me. Never did I imagined that I would step up that stage and walk like a queen for a pageant nor talk to a lot of strangers that eventually turned out as friends.  
What I'm trying to say is that all of the plans that I made before didn't turned out even close to all the experiences I had now but I honestly wouldn't trade all of those for anything else. As a new chapter is here to come I want to share my 22 realizations with all of you before I turn 23 in a few days. :) 
1. It's okay to be late. All great things take time. 
2. Never underestimate the power of prayer. When you think you've done enough but still feels afraid and scared, pray. When you want to ask from God something you've always wanted to have, pray for it. It works! :)
3. Trust, honesty & thoughtfulness are the keys to make every relationship work. Do not forget those three! :)
4. Hard work will really bring you far.
5. Asking for help doesn't make you stupid. You never know what that one person can do to help and change your life .
6. Be healthy. Eat nutritious foods and have that morning exercise done. Do not let your body suffer in the long run.
7. Explore as much as you can. Travel while your legs can still manage to walk and join in tours.Travel while you can still tolerate plane rides. Travel while you're family is still complete. Travel while you still can and you're young! :)
8. Do not expect too much because life just works as it is. Remember the things that I mentioned earlier, those are living proofs that not all plans and expectations come to reality. Just go with the flow, enjoy where you are now and you will eventually be led in making the best decisions of your life.
9. Celebrate the little successes in life. I usually do this everytime I finish cases in school. It's either I'll have my lashes permed or buy that "one item" I've always been wanting to have.
10. Give compliments whenever you feel like to. It boosts other people's self esteem. Don't you just like making other people happy?
11. Invest in yourself. Self-development will never be a negative thing. Learn as much as you can.
12. Love your grandparents as much as you love your parents. My lola has been constantly visiting us recently and I realized how much joy she brings to our family. She's old and she's very sensitive. She experiences different physical pain and she needs attention and care. Always ask her how she is, how she's doing, and make her feel that she's loved.
13. Surround yourself with people from different walks of life. Be open to learn a lot of things from them.
14. Social media can be very toxic at times. This is probably the first cause of depression of most teenagers nowadays. Social media is always focused on showing all the good things and successes that other people have. You will feel, at some point, that you're left out. Here's the tip: Try to challenge yourself to delete those apps for a week and focus on your craft. You will eventually feel that you don't care about social media as much as you do before and realize that you have your own life to embrace and  love. :)
15. Save while you're still young and invest on something that you'll be thankful for in the future. :) 
16. Start choosing a partner you can see a future with. It's not even early to think about this because if you're my age, I tell you, we're not young anymore. We don't want to settle with someone we know we will only end breaking up with in our mid twenties or late twenties. Choose a person who can adjust and cope up with your attitude and would always try to understand you to avoid arguments. Choose a guy who loves your family and your family loves. And lastly, choose a guy who is working hard to fulfill the vision he has for the both of you.
17. Always tell your mom how thankful you are for her. Learn to appreciate everything she does. Sometimes, your "thank you" is the only thing she needs to hear after a long tiring day in work.
18. Always keep your feet on the ground.
19. Supporting another's success won't even lessen yours. Support your friends and family. Remember, you were once in their feet and it feels so damn good when you feel that someone's happy for your successes.
20. Seat sales are not always a good idea. This is very tempting and you tend to spend more than you never thought you would. This will only be the best choice if you're scheduled to travel or have any plans of travelling.
21. Before starting an argument, think if it's worth the stress and wrinkles!
22. Lastly, praying with the family gives me a happy and contented heart. We usually do this every night and it feels fulfilling to say a prayer together as a family. 

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Always remember that you’re beautiful in whatever purpose and perspective you have. Chin up, girl! 


I've never imagined making a post like this on my blog only because I consider myself as one of the most positive person I know on earth. But, as you all don't know I also encounter so many stressful things in home and school and sometimes I become the most negative person you don't want to see. But apart from all of those I still keep my head high and manage to face and overcome the stresses in my life. Here are some of the things that I do that may hopefully serve as a guide and help for you to overcome your own stresses in life as well.:)
#1. Do not overthink and instead learn to trust the process. I'm good at overthinking and it's one thing I hate the most about myself. My boyfriend told me that everytime I overthink I add the stress and burden that I'm currently experiencing. I slowly learned to just trust the process, continue to do my best and lastly, silently wish and pray that everything will be alright. 
#2. Rest, relax and give yourself a break. I always tend to work non stop and force myself to my limit everytime I am in school. I know there's nothing wrong with that except when I forgot to consider my health condition. But, being tired is not the really the reason why I became sick, it's something confidential that I don't want to discuss here anymore. Anyway, after every case closed or requirement done I always promise to treat and give myself a reward like buy something online, or watch a movie or simply buy a cake. I'm happy that as of now all my goals for summer clinic has been accomplished. :) 
#3. Do anything and everything that makes you comfortable and happy. When I'm stressed I tend to over eat. Look at how fat I am now! Hahaha! Overstressed lang?? Joke! I just make it an excuse but I really am "matakaw". When I'm stressed I blog. :) You can see from my previous posts on how full of emotions they were. When I'm stressed, I also love looking and searching for random stuffs like skincare products, phone cases and promo travel deals and guess what?? I end up Purchasing something because it simply makes me happy. Mahirap ako ma stress. Nagagastusan ako huhu 
#4. Think of all the bigger things that you've once dreamt of and make it your inspiration. The reason why I've never experienced stress to the fullest is because I always have in mind my dreams in the future. Ayoko lang lamunin ng stress kase hindi ako makapag trabaho ng ayos at hindi ko magawa ng ayos ang mga dapat kong magawa. I always think of my mom and my dreams for her. Even if I feel tired and hopeless there's still a light of motivation that keeps me going and that is a bright future with my mom and future family. :)
#5. Pray. This is one thing you should never forget. When you're stressed and when feel lost, when you're in pain and feeling hopeless, talk to Him, ask for His help and guidance and He will surely answer your prayers with abundant blessings. Don't forget to thank Him as well for all the strength and courage and for his overflowing love that kept you going. 
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