Last Saturday was real unexpected and I agree that unplanned trips like this one leaves the most memorable and exciting experiences. My mom woke us up early last Saturday to tell us that we'll be going for a stroll in Lobo Batangas. I don't know what made her think or say that but we're happy kids indeed! Haha. I haven't been to that place before and I don't know what to expect. Adventure time! 
Because we're strangers to that place we just followed signs and directions. We don't even know where to eat nor to stay and unwind. We saw a big sign of Submarine Garden Beach Resort in the city and asked how we can get to that place. It was honestly a long drive from the city and the path going there was still not fully developed that's why my mom had quite a hard time driving. We first went to Submarine Garden 1 (which I really like because of it's pure white sand) then right after to Submarine Garden 2 (where we stayed longer and took so many shots). 
Lady Lifeguard on Duty! :)
It was a sunny and pink day indeed! I'm walking on sunshine, wooah and don't it feel good!
After beach hopping my brother, who have been there already, suggested us to go to the famous Malabrigo Light House. Good thing we have a tour guide in going there! I think it was already the end point of Lobo or maybe not part already of Lobo. 
Here's my outfit for the whole trip. Because it was unplanned, I pulled off this dress I haven't worn since the day it was given to me. I think that before summer ends, I should already wear all the summer clothes that I have in my closet! 
Dress from Lola Monette, Bag from Boracay, Hat from SM Accessories
The place is quite old already but well preserved and maintained. Feels like I was somewhere in Taal or Ilocos during that time! Field trip feels :) 
Infos you might want to know about Malabrigo Light House :)
Stopped along the national high way for this picture! Haha. My mom took this but didn't include Isla Verde as the background. Huhuhu. 

Anyway, our road trip was indeed memorable! :) I hope there will be more coming trips before my summer ends! Have a great week ahead!


Summer went by so quick! This is actually a late post already since these are the pictures from my Summer Day 51 :) I'm now on my 56th day of summer and 2 weeks from now I'll be back again to my dear school. I don't think I've prepared myself already to face AnaPhysio and Botany this sem but I'm pretty sure that I'm excited to meet my classmates again! :) Second year college na ako! Time really flies so fast.  

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed glancing through the pictures. :) 


Muscle Tee from Pull and Bear
Shorts from Alexandre
New sunnies from Blings and Jewel

Have you noticed the color of my skin? It's actually in my summer bucket list to have a sun-kissed skin this summer because I want to see myself having the radiant gold color skin. I've never been afraid of having darker skin color because I think it makes one unique and stand-out. I don't think I achieved it here but I guess another one whole day at the beach will be already enough to make up for it. Sana lang wag skin cancer ang makuha instead of tan lines. Haha

I wore this outfit yesterday during our town's feast and my lolo's 78th birthday. I actually packed and brought random pieces of unused and barely used clothes that I wanted to wear this summer. I didn't plan any outfit combination the day before so it happened that, after I mixed and matched the next morning this was the outfit that I came up wearing. More of an edgy look at the beach, I guess? Hahaha. Any thoughts? 

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Because of the massive growing population of Filipino and Filipina fashion and style bloggers here in the Philippines, Bloggers United was established to bring a closer connection to each through a fun fair. Bloggers United 7, which happened last May 10, 2014 in Metrotent, Metrowalk, was no different from the other installments of BU except that it was bigger this time and there were many added and new sponsors. There were many game booths everyone could enjoy to, challenges, pop-up salon, food trucks and food booths, photo booths and lots of other surprises and announcements. Name all the girly thingsss that you know! Haha
Bloggers United teamed up with its major sponsor, Sunsilk, for this big event. And because it was Sunsilk, our BU passes were actually 180 mL pink Sunsilk bottles instead of the ticket itself. 2 in 1 purpose! :)  Special thanks to The Shutter Monster for this photo. :) I really love it.
Aside from Sunsilk Nail It! was one of the sponsors too during the fair. They offered change of nail colors, mani and pedi for free during the event. I realized that I should have taken advantage of it since it's for free but wasn't able to because I was too busy going from one booth to another. Haha. Special thanks to Pixelrrific Photobooth for this photo. :)
Some bloggers went there to have their pictures taken with the Philippine top bloggers but as for me and my cousin, we went there to actually shop and look for great finds. I only had pictures taken with some of the fashion bloggers whom I bumped into while roaming and shopping around. Haha. I'm pretty sure that some of you might know them already whether you're an international or local readers. :)
The couple. Dani Barretto of Style is Eternal and Mikyle Quizon of Style Division 
Vern and Verniece of V <3 V. They made a big announcement during Bloggers United and it was about the book they are about to release entitled V <3 V: A Life and Style Diary of Vern and Verniece Enciso.
David Guison of DG MANILA
Thanks for being my buddy the whole day. Insert Bianca and Patrice here. :)
I totally had a blast with this little adventure. All i can say is that it was a real success and fun day full of laughter and adventures! Haha. Till the next Bloggers United event! :) 

May is actually a month of pigging out. :( This post mostly contains birthday celebrations and fiestas I attended to (Hahaha) and a bit of my ootds. Hope you'll enjoy it! 

Summer Day 31 (April 27) My cousin posted a picture in his instagram account holding a starfish which he saw along the shore. I told him to keep it for me before he leave for China. I was really happy when I found this starfish which my cousin kept for me because I almost forgot it. Haha.  
Summer Day 33 (April 29) My outfit during my youngest cousin's 2nd birthday :) I'm wearing pajamas! Hahaha :)
Summer Day 34 (April 30) I'm lucky to have these two people in my life who are always there for me in all those crazy stuffs I do and of course through all those endless dramas in my life. Just like last April 30, I asked them to wear something pink since it's the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls! I just want them to wear one. Crazyy right? Hahaha. Though we're far from each other I still want to have some connection with them not only through viber or fb messages but also like this one! Ohaaa! Who look the meanest? :P I guess the one at the left side. Joke! hahaha and the angel-like? I guess the one at the center :) How about me, how do I look? In between the good and the bad. =))) Joke. We're all good girls. :)
Summer Day 36 (May 2) We celebrated my brother's birthday the usual way. We went to shop first during the afternoon and afterwards had our dinner at the newly opened restaurant in the city. The place is beautiful. I love the presentation and taste of the foods. It's nice that we didn't even have to wait for so long before the foods were served. It was Jemaena's Cuisine by the way. :) It was a fun day though. 
Summer Day 37 (May 3) Pizza party was Mon's kind of birthday celebration. We also had Chicken Alfredo Pasta and Spaghetti and Meatballs.
Summer Day 38 (May 4) During the 4th it's my lola who celebrated her birthday! I told you, consecutive birthday celebrations! :) Because the other birthday celebrants doesn't have a cake during their birthdays, they decided to bring their own cakes during my lola's birthday. Look at their outfits, they didn't talked about it but all of them ended up wearing PINK! :) 
Summer Day 42 (May 8) I was lucky enough again to watch some celebrities play basketball PLUS luckier to have pictures taken with them at the friend of my mom's house after the play. :) Ahh. It was my first time to see these celebrities in person that's why I just need to have a picture with them. Aren't Arron Villaflor and Johan Santos handsome? :) I still have pictures with the other artists but these two are my top picks! :)

I won't make this post long. I'll have separate posts for the other events. Hope you enjoyed it! :)

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