Hey guys! Happy Halloween! How are you all doing? I've been pretty busy lately (not only with clinic) but because we've been involved in a car accident the day before my birthday and I have to communicate with a lot of people and the insurance company. It's traumatizing but I'm still thankful that no one got hurt and my family is safe. Aside from that. Halloween just passed and everyone got busy already preparing for Christmas holidays! Talk about that big shift! 

Talking about Christmas already, have you thought of nice gifts to give already this coming holiday season to your family and friends? Well, there are literally a lot to choose from especially that there are many stuffs available to order online. I. myself, have been thinking about lately who I will give Christmas presents aside from my immediate family and godchildren. I have my colleagues, co dentists, dental auxiliaries and the people I'm working with in baking. I was thinking of giving them something that they can be able to use everyday, something that is affordable and something that is durable. Luckily, I came across this shop that sells something for the ladies in my list. 

When I stated the 3 qualifications that I wanted, cosmolle seemed to find a way in my search box. As I visited their website I was hooked up with the good read and intention of the brand so I immediately checked out their products and I got even amazed.

Self care is very important nowadays. We're living in a world where we spent more working hours that the time we take a rest. I'm very guilty and I'm not proud of it. As a working woman who spent all day wearing a bra underneath my clothes I am happy to finally found a shop that caters what other women like me need. We need something comfortable, something useful everyday, something breathable and something that screams self care. I'm talking about the most comfortable wireless bra

It's not easy to come up with comfort and style all in one but I['m happy that this is what their products are all about. These are probably one of the perfect gift to give this coming Christmas that most women would appreciate and love. I'm actually planning to get some for my hardworking ladies in my dental team. I have chosen a few selection, too, to show here on the blog for some gift ideas for your girls! 

Cosmolle has something for you! Black Friday Bra will be available this November. Score and save big by shopping on the biggest sale yet of the year! 

Leave your thoughts on the comment section below. See you in the next!



Heeeyyyy guys! After several attempts of blogging something personal here, I FINALLY DID IT! Waaaahh goosebumps hahaha! This is my first entry this year so you gotta brace yourself because this will be lengthy. I miss you my blog! I missed you, missdream-girl!!! My 17 year old self is very happy! 

January 2022 started with very high hopes for me! Board exam theoretical phase finally happened. We thought it's going to be a smooth start until Omicron happened too which resulted to another round of practical phase cancellation. For those of you who didn't know, I took up Dentistry in my college years and after 2 years of delay because of the pandemic I was able to finally take my exam!

Fast forward to February, I was still able to take orders for Valentine's (I bake and started my own home based pastry business last July 2021) in between reviews. I want to continue saving up while still reviewing.


It went by fast then here came March. It was the month of roller coaster of experiences and emotions. I got into an accident 3 days before board exam. It wasn't a smooth journey but all thanks to my friends who helped me get through the toughest days of my practicals. 

Btw, let me just tell you how CRAZY &  DIFFICULT THAT BOARD EXAM WAS!!! It was so difficult that I always talk to somebody and ask him/her to tell me and assure me na "Please, tell me I'll pass the boards, diba! Diba. you think I will pass naman! Diba you know I did my best! Diba you saw me how hard I pushed myself." Hahaha! My brothers told me that they never entertained any idea of me failing the exam. I didn't cried before nor during the exam days but I cried the day before they posted the results! I was never confident but I knew I had an edge because I studied and I prayed religiously for that license. 

Then came March 17, I didn't know it was the day. It was I think 10pm already, I was half asleep when my brothers opened the door and shouted, "CONGRATULATIONS DRA. SHAIRA MANALO!!!" It was the most surreal moment for me! I didn't cried but I shouted happily instead because FINALLYYYYY, IT HAPPENED ALREADY! MY DREAM IS FINALLY A REALITY!

How did my life changed this 2022? Physically, I don't think there has been a lot (I still didn't lose weight though haha) but now that I am a licensed dentist already I gained more self confidence and became more independent. I instantly felt the responsibilities of adulthood the first time I held my first day salary on my hands. Ganon pala ang feeling na officially working ka na! You have the power over your money and you'll decide whether you'll spend it wisely for your needs or spoil yourself with your wants. Bills started to pile up and investments showed up. So far, I can happily say that I'm investing my salary in myself when I started studying Orthodontics and Oral Surgery. 

As for my work as a dentist, I work in 3 clinics. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays I work in my tita's clinic. I'm lucky I am able to handle my own patients here and slowly establish my own practice. Most of my patients here are prostho patients. On Tuesdays and Saturdays I work in Top A Dental Clinic. My practice here is Ortho. On Sundays I work in Winning Smile Dental Clinic. I handle general cases here but recently I noticed that I handle more pediatric patients in this clinic. I'm happy with the warm welcome that I have received from these 3 clinics. They're all generous, thoughtful and kind and they let me experience all my firsts in my dental practice. I'm almost 7 months now in practice (not that long though) and I feel really happy and blessed. :) 

Update with fam? Well, I guess everyone got busier! My youngest brother is already in his 3rd year college and my eldest brother is already graduating from college. My mom is still busy at work and our Casa Elberta. My mom and I invested in a beach house last year and we named it after her name. We let people rent in on holidays, during the summer or anytime they wish to relax and spend some quiet time with the view of the sea. 

When I started working I promised myself to always give part of my salary to my brothers and my mom even if it's not that much. I also promised myself to at least provide my brothers' baon so I can help lessen my mom's monthly expenses. I want to spoil them and give them whatever I receive and work hard for. I can't wait for next year! Hopefully we'll push through with our travel together! (fingers crossed) :)

Love life update? We're still fond of going on food trips on dates. Haha! Kidding aside, we only get a chance to date for 3 hours a week ever since I started working. It only happens every time he fetch me after work on Sundays or sometimes we both take a leave from work. I realized when I started working na there are really times when you can't communicate or talk for a whole day and it's okay. Iba nga pala pag working! Hindi mo na minsan namamalayan ang oras. Our 5th anniversary is getting closer!!! 4 years went by fast but we surely ticked off most of our goals together. Hihi. I can't wait for what's in store in the coming years but I'm most excited for an upcoming trip early next year with him. 

Hint: We're going to the City of Gold!! To more adventures together, my love!

Foods and Travels? Well, I get to explore more food corners, cafes and restaurants this year than during the pandemic season. I missed the feeling of going out with friends, family or with Pau to try out food recos. I am also hyped by tiktok to try the ones near our place. Well, my favorite is still Yumi's Kitchen. Super satisfying and the foods are superb! 

For travels naman, I probably have a beach entry every month ever since I passed the boards. I haven't been to somewhere farther, no plane rides yet ever since 2020 (Supposedly I have one early next month for my birthday but it got cancelled due to personal reasons even if I have purchased my ticket already) but I'm crossing my fingers that next year would be the start of my international travel diaries. I can wait for it naman. It's just a few months away!

I'm happy to be back in blogging and give an update here! I hope I can do more in the next posts. Let's stay connected!

Leave your blogs below so I can have a good read too in my spare time ;)


 Hey everyone! I'm writing tonight while the rain is pouring hard in my place. I really hope that there will be no typhoon number 2 anytime soon. On the brighter side I'm happy I got back my internet connection too!! How are you all up to? :) 

A few days ago while I was pondering alone I had thoughts of starting my other personal 2022 goals this coming month. I'm talking about losing weight-- going on a diet and most importantly working out. I recently went back from a resort trip with my bf and I got really conscious with my body. I brought bikini top with me but I wasn't able to wear it because I'm not confident anymore. It was an eye opener for me to start working out again. Besides I'm already turning 26 this month and I want to look confident with whatever dress or clothes that I'll be wearing. 

I started looking out for few equipment that I can use on my routine and I came across wholesale waist trainers with logo. I know for sure that I'll be needing this to help me achieve a slimmer waist and flat stomach. I also needed something to help me accelerate fat burning in my waist area. I was searching from the internet and thought that waistdear website would now be my go to site for products like this one. They specialize mainly on shapewear and yoga products which is what I'm actually looking for plus they offer a lot of selection to choose from. Here's some of the products that I'm talking about.

Aside from waist trainers they also have body shaper wholesale to help support the other body parts in such as tighten the abdomen, lift the buttocks and support the chest. Here are some of my faves from their website.

All thanks to the discovery of these equipment! I know I'm off to a an exciting start in shaping my body and working out! Why don't you give a try too? Comment down your thoughts about shape wears and waist trainers on the comment box below! :)

See you in my next post guys!


Hey guys! How are you all doing? 

Have you heard of the famous Lolita dresses? I have always heard about it before but I do not have the idea of what one looks like. I did some research online and found modern ones that goes well with the current fashion today-- puff sleeves and fitted waist. To my surprise I found a classic Lolita dress that got my eyes attention! It is like some sort of a Victorian dress which I see in movies with a touch of Japanese fashion. It's very "kawaii" and stylish! I found myself searching for more until I found this online shop which sells all kinds of Lolita apparels. All I could say is, "Wow!". 

I didn't know that lolita dresses have many subtypes. Two of my favorites are sweet lolita dress and gothic lolita dress. Both are far different from each other but both have distinct style that caught my eyes. 

I've always been a fan of girly style-- pastels, florals, dainty and cute ones. When I saw these sweet lolita dress I know for sure what I would instantly choose when I'm asked what I want. I never thought that I'd say this but I want to have a Lolita inspired shoot for my 26th birthday! Here's some of the looks that I want to achieve and the dresses that I want to wear. Mostly are pink in color (it's my fave color!) and simple dresses compared to the others but the style and details scream perfection!

Another subtype of lolita dresses that caught my attention is the gothic lolita dress. As I was browsing through their collection I didn't know I'd also pick my favorites from this category. I'm the complete opposite of these looks as I say earlier (I'm more on pastels and pinks) but these looks are exceptional. Hopefully I'd be able to push through with my birthday shoot and wear one of these dresses. I super love the doctor lolita dress by the way :)

Which lolita dress did you like from my selection? Leave some comments in the comment section below. See you in my next post! :)