For the past week I was able to savor and kiss the start of my summer. My long weekend gave me so much time to be pretty productive. Of course, not with school related stuffs (I really need a break!!!) but instead on my blog, sponsorships and collaborations. I also got to bond with the people I miss going out with like my college friends and buddies. I even had mini shoots and makeup sessions with them. :) And for the last day of my long weekend away from school, I choose to spend it with my family in our bukid. Another weekend has passed and hopefully, a new and exciting week is awaiting for me in the clinic! :) Wish I could start with my PJC this week. 
Outfit. Today's look is inspired by one of my favorite youtube vlogger, Alex Gonzaga. I've always seen her in an outfit like this: white top, midi skirt and sneakers. I'm not really in to wearing a pair of sneakers for a daily basis but I found it cute and still casually classy. I didn't know if I pulled of the look (hopefully I did!!) but no matter what the judgement is, wearing a midi skirt, a tee shirt and sneakers together is another hack to wear a stylish and comfortable outfit at the same time. 

Thanks Gamiss for my skirt. I can almost complete the colors in my closet. Hahaha! If you love my skirt and wish to have it as well, you can get it for only $24.79 or around Php 1,240 :)

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While most of my friends are already in their summer vacation, my college friends and I are currently having a 4-day weekend vacation away from school. (Our summer vacation starts in July!!)  Swimming plans and outings of our section have finally come into reality and it's a good thing that it happened after all those stressful midterm examinations were over! I guess a quick swim and R&R for a whole day won't hurt before we go back to reality in the next few days. 
Outfit. Today's outfit is another added maxi skirt in my collection. I love maxis and off shoulders and gladly this dress from Zaful are both of it. The color is a plus because it comes in my current favorite summer color which is blue. Aside from that, I paired it with a pair of cute blue tassel earrings from Zaful that matched the color of my dress. :) You can buy this maxi dress -$31.99 or around Php 1,600 // Tassel earrings for $3.25 or around Php 163 both from Zaful. :) 

For the first time in 5 years this is the first time that the three of us are complete in one outing. I can consider these 2 girls my best friends in college and we've been calling our group the Powerpuff girls. And since this is the first time that we went together in an outing we had a not-so-quick (HAHA) shoot at the place. Here are some of it :) 

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See you in my next posts :)


What's more exciting than going on a vacation this SUMMER! I'm sure most of you have already plans of hitting the beach or flying out of the country for a week vacation. Have you started packing up your outfits for that vacay you've planned for the longest? Fret not because I'm giving you some outfit ideas of what to pack and wear on a beach or a city tour! All clothes and outfits are from Shein. Special discounts and promos await when you visit their site! Click on the bold links of items below the pictures and it'll direct you to their site :)
Bow tie back cami romper // Suede dress
Bishop Sleeve Top // Stripe Smock top
Suede skirt // Asymmetric shoulder sleeve top
Top and Pants Set // Floral Kimono
Floral Print Bodysuit // Off shoulder dress


Women are continually searching for methods to alter their look. A small adjustment in the manner a lady looks won't change their looks, but could also effect how they consider themselves inside a positive way. This goal can be achieved by buying new clothing, obtaining a new set of footwear, or altering hairstyles. Altering hairdos has frequently been an emblem to represent the closing of 1 chapter and the start of another in a person's existence. A radical method of altering the general appearance of hair is getting extensions place in. What ought to be a few of the reasons you receive extensions and so why do people have them anyway.

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