This is a very late post of my Valentine outfit. Haha! My Valentine's this year had been a memorable one not because I went on a date with special someone (it will happen soon but not now. Haha!) but because I hosted for a special event.  A family friend asked me if I could host her debut party during the 14th and I just have to say yes. It was my first time to host such event and I couldn't be more excited. :) It was light and pure fun. I hope it won't be the last. 

I had so much fun while shooting these pictures. Thanks to my trusted photog, Aimee Bustillo. :)
*PS. Thanks to those who greeted and left cute messages last Valentine's. Hahaha! You know who you are.

Outfit details

Dress: SM GTW
Gladiators: SM Parisian
Belt: Candies


Lately I've seen myself wearing and pairing a lot of blue and white pieces. It is maybe because these pieces remind me so much of the color of summer. My outfits are slowly taking a transition from the cold days to the sweaty and humid days coming. Anyway, the outfit that I matched here is another white + blue combo with a black. What do you think of it?

While we were road tripping last week we spotted a new resort in our place. It was still not fully developed but from what I've seen it will be one of the most visited this summer! They have three infinity pools and a lot of nipa huts to those who wish to stay over night. What I love about this resort are the overlooking view, the big waves crashing which is perfect for surfing activities, the cold temperature, and lastly, the total "beach feels" ambiance. I'm definitely going back here when it's open for the public already. :)

How are you guys doing? :) Hope you're all having a great week so far!


Since I was a kid I have been addicted to collecting jewelries already and I must say I fell in love first with those little blings and sparkles before I fell in love with bold colors and prints. Until now I still love collecting different jewelries especially necklaces. 

Hi there my soon-to-be-bride readers, soon-to-propose guy readers, and those who haven't given their Valentine presents to their other halves. Today I bring you one of the largest diamond jewelry manufacturer in the US, ANJOLEE. This store produces high end diamond jewelries and have a great selection of diamond bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and bridal jewelries. Not only that! Anjolee is the only jewelry website which gives you the ability to custom-build all their jewelry designs based on your own style and budget. Perfect, right? 

As I browse through their site I picked some of my favorite pieces that you may consider in choosing yours. I've thought already a lot of ways on how I can incorporate these beautiful pieces in my daily outfits.   


1 2 3 4 5 6


1 2 3


If your the type of girl who wants to wear simple yet fashionable pieces the simplest way to do so is wear your own choice of Diamond studs. Here's to the first pair of Diamond studded earrings that got me. Take a closer look at the details! 


1 2 3 

Among all the pieces I've browsed this one is my favorite: Gemstone Center Horizontal Diamond Pendant  Just look at the details of the necklace. Perfect! 

Here's my take in styling these pieces for a Red Carpet Fashion Inspiration. What do you think? 

 Dress from this site.

Feel free to browse and Do Follow ANJOLEE website. Let me know which are your favorites! Happy Shopping! :)


First Adventure
Cheers to the first adventure we had for the start of the year! :) This was actually a road trip with my family during the second day of January. 

Mimi's 18th 
A family get together, Mimi's debut and quick getaway and relaxation! This was definitely the most memorable celebration I went to last January. More about this post here

Blue Wedding
When I was a kid I always experience being a flower girl whenever there will be a wedding in the family. I was happy that recently my Kuya-Tito Ampong asked me if I could be one of his bridesmaid for his wedding. I love dressing up for weddings but I felt more excited with this one since I was a bridesmaid again and I have a bigger role in the wedding. Haha! 

Dela Roca Christmas Party
Since we weren't able to have our traditional Christmas party last December we decided to re-sched it during the second week of January. Although we were incomplete here I'm still thankful that this party pushed through! I'm so blessed to be part of this family. :)
The struggles of my brother before he got to have a one decent solo picture. Haha! We're sorry for photo bombing! :))

Eka's 18th
This was the second debut I attended last January. It's my cousin's, Erika, and I definitely had a blast! I met a lot of new and familiar people and made good friends. The party during the end of the program was exceptional. Who would have thought that they would be able to force me to dance with the dancers at the middle! Haha! It was surely a memorable day for the whole family. 
Unexpectedly went matchy with my sisters' outfits! Haha :) White and lace.

Doen's 18th
During the fourth week of January I attended another debut again and it was my high school friend's. It was nice to be reunited again with my high school buddies especially to my bff. :)

Last but definitely not the least highlight of my January was our recent photo shoot for my cousin's fashion plate. It was a quick and fun shoot with my loves! More pictures in this post. :)

My January had been a good start. I was able to have more quality time with my family and friends. I hope that more exciting things will come for the next months! :) 


Hi guys! :) Today is the launching of the newest collection of Eva Franco for and I'm lucky enough to be one of the first to see their wide collection. You know how much I love dresses especially those that I can wear for special occasions. After browsing their newest collection, I must say, they have a wide variety of the chicest dresses a bridesmaid could wear and choose from! The best thing about their dresses are that you don't have to wear it only once but you will for sure keep on wearing it again and again since the designs never go out of style. To give you an idea of what to see and expect, here are some of my selected dresses from their collection.

The first dress is from their True Blue collection. The color of the dress speaks so much for itself! The lace details and the structured cut will definitely make its bridesmaid look classy and sexy. 

The second dress is from their Pretty in Pink collection. I love pink! Who doesn't, right? The texture and chic vibe of this dress definitely makes every bridesmaid feel cute and young.

The third dress is perfect for vintage themed weddings. Just look at the lace details! Perfect!

The last dress is from their Little White Dress collection. I love how clean and modern this dress is. It best suits in Beach-themed weddings. 

So I guess you all have an idea of what to expect from their collection. See it first for yourself and visit Eva Franco for Loverly collection! :) 


Hi guys! Can you feel it- the scorching heat? If that's so, well, you know what's coming up next!!! One of the many perks of living in a tropical country is that you'll get to experience summer the earliest and probably the longest. And with that, you will for sure get to tick everything in your summer to-do list like exploring new places, going on more road trips, having a new hair style, getting fit and achieving that beach-babe body whatsoever. And since summer is just one month away in my country here's a summer-inspired post to keep you all excited! 

Before January ended my cousins and I had a fun shoot for our cousin's fashion plate. We came up of having a beach themed photo shoot. It was a quick yet super fun shoot because I'm with the persons who knows my craziness to the highest level. Haha! Anyway, here are some of the raw pictures from our photo shoot. 

Any suggestions on what summer activities can I include in my Summer to-do list? :)
Wishing you all a wonderful and great day ahead!

Photos by: Aimee Bustillo
Location: Kamantigue Beach Resort