Hello everyone! Today's post is something I'm really excited about because I'm announcing that I have finally decided to activate again my youtube channel. I have my channel way back 2011 and I have uploaded several videos of my piano covers and travels. I noticed that I've been MIA for quite a long time already (around 3 years) and I already missed documenting my travels. I decided to revamped and reopen my channel by starting it with my first travel vlog published in Korea. I'm thinking of uploading vlogs that will focus more on travels, reviews, and lookbook

Here's my first ever vlog published! I hope that you'll watch, like and leave a comment on my video! If you have an account too I hope you'll subscribe to my channel! :)

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Enjoy watching! :)


I know how almost all of us values and loves our gadgets so much that it has become a part of our daily lives. I have my iPad mini with me for almost 8 years already while almost 4 years already with my iPhone. Neither of it hasn't had any damages nor breakage but it has for sure a lot of falls due to uncertain circumstances. One thing I made sure why my gadgets are still in good use is because I guarded it with the best cases. Let me share with you my secret! 

FYY Case is an online store that specializes all types of cases- from phones to tablets and even laptops. They are said to be the producer of the "Best cases for iPhone X in 2019" and let me tell you why! :)

First, it doesn't only function as a phone case but it also functions as card case. This iPhone case features card slots and note holders wherein you can put your debit and credit cards, IDs and the like. 
Second, it has a kickstand that functions for movie watching and video-chatting. Don't you just like how you can multi-task and do other things while watching netflix? :) 
Lastly, it's not only stylish but also made of top quality using 100% handmade leather! It also comes in different colors and designs! You're both paying for the durability and style. What a steal! :)

FYY doesn't only have cases for your gadgets but also have different FYY phone accessories like office accessories and electronic accessories. You can further reach them by visiting their instagram account- FYY Instagram :)


Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Every time I draft my posts in Korea I remember a lot of memories from the pictures I include here. Every photo has its own story and I'm happy that I have my blog where I get to share each of my favorites (not just the pictures in Korea but) in every place that I go to. Having said that, here's to my last day and last post for Korea! :)
Our last day in Seoul was meant for the tourist spots near our airbnb and those were Gyeongbokgung and Gwangwamun Square. We were also supposed to go to N Seoul Tower but our time was limited already since we have to be at the airport by 4pm. To maximize our time and live the full turista feels during our remaining hours we decided to rent a hanbok and take hundreds of pictures wearing it! The rate for a hanbok depends on how extravagant you want it to be. You can rent for as low as 15,000 won but I had mine for 24,000 won because I want to wear a design that I mixed and matched.

Travel tip: When you travel don't settle for something that you do not like because it's cheaper and instead give yourself the freedom to spend your money in something you really like. You're on a vacation and remember, you saved for it! :)   
Gyeongbokgung is so huge! We weren't able to roam around the whole place because we got tired in taking pictures in every spots we saw. There were also a lot of tourists when we went there but this picture was on point because it looked like there was no one around. Good timing! :) 
Selfie with my batchies! :) Ang hinhin naman namin tingnan dito. HAHA 
Blending in with the hanboks on display
Next stop after Gyeongbokgung is the famous Gwangwamun Square. It's just located across the palace. I actually don't know what's so famous about the statue but they say that it's an iconic and picture taking spot so might as well have my picture taken there also. By the way, it's the sitting statue in the blurred background. HAHA! 

And that concludes my last blog post for Korea! I wish to go back here in another season (preferably Autumn!!!) and explore more places like the Nami Island and Namsan Tower. 

*If you wish to go to Seoul this coming Autumn or Winter or in any other countries you wish to visit and still have no bookings made yet I know a Manila-based travel agency who can help you with their offered ALL-IN packages for affordable rates. You can visit their instagram account (@fulhamroadtravel) for their packages and offers. It's a legit travel agency company and I have mine booked again from them this coming December! If you need any inquiry assistance don't hesitate to message me on facebook (Shaira Dela Roca Manalo) or instagram (@shairangelique). I'm always willing to help anyone in fulfilling their travel goals! 

**Watch out for my vlog next on this post! :)


Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I’m currently preparing for the start of my summer classes next week and it’s a little sad that vacation is over for me. But, I’m happy that I have so many memories to bring with me and that I’ll be starting another new month full of expectations and hopes.

Going back, today’s post is all about one of my favorite accessories, the sunglasses. Since I was in my teenage years I have already been a fan of collecting different kinds and styles of sunnies. I don’t know what influenced me to like it but every time I see someone wears it I know in myself that I also want to try and have it. I know it’s one thing that I cannot give up in my closet because every piece of my sunnies has a corresponding style according to my mood. Yes! I also have sunnies in different shapes, sizes as well as different colors.

I have two recommended sunglasses from Jupitoo to show you and below are my thoughts about it.
First is this round sunglasses. I love round sunglasses and half of my collection comes in this shape. This style of sunnies is best to achieve the boho, rusty look. The gold metal framework is a plus because it made the sunnies look effortlessly classy. This also comes in different colors such as browon, pink, yellow and blue.
Second is this round cat eye sunglasses. This is my current favorite and my latest purchases are in this shape. I have a square face and a prominent jawline and I believe that this shape looks best in those features. I love how simply classy it looks.

If you liked any of these 2, you can purchase it at Jupitoo’s online site. Be sure to check out their website for promotions and discounts! :)

Hey guys! How are you all doing? Today’s post is something I love and it’s all about sexy evening gowns. When I was a little girl I would always search and look for evening gowns in magazines and imagine myself wearing those glittery, dazzling and sparkling pieces. Fast forward to when I reached my teenage years and adult age, I finally got to wear lots of pieces. I’m so particular every time I choose the evening dress that I will wear. I have two moods in choosing my gown. In some occasions and days I’d choose gowns with bold colors and collar details. I’m also in love with sparkling and eye catching pieces with unique designs and styles. On the contrary, I would sometimes choose conservative and modest gowns with plain style that I’ll choose to play my accessories with. It would always be in the mood but most of the time it would always be me, mimicking my favorite princesses and dressing up in the fanciest and most stunning evening gowns that I have.  

I’ve picked a handful of favorites from Babyonline dress that you might consider when picking your own evening dress! Just a little tip: Make sure to pick something that screams out your personality! Pick a dress where you would feel most comfortable and something that would accentuate your best features! :)

You may visit babyonlinedress website for more fashionable finds!


Whenever I visit a new country I always make it sure to include a theme park in the itinerary. For our trip we chose to spend one whole day in the famous Everland Theme Park. I've been to Disneyland in Hong Kong and Formosan in Taiwan but Everland in Korea gave me the most memorable experience. Let me tell you why :) 
1. Everland is not only meant for children but also for couples, oldies and families. When I was in Everland I can't help but imagine how everything would be better if I was with my family during that time. I want them to see how beautiful the place is. I remembered my mom who always love to take pictures. Every spot is a picture taking spot! Ang ganda-ganda! I remembered my lola who's very fond of flowers. Sobrang daming bulaklak and it's one reason why I love the place. I remembered my little cousins when we watched the parade. Sobrang festive! Ang saya-saya ng vibes! I remember my boyfriend every time I see couples. Sana may kasama din akong blogger jowa. Haha! I remember my brothers who's so crazy and brave to try the most thrilling rides. Kahit anong mangyari hindi ako sasakay sa T-express! I just want to go back there with them soon. 
2. Everland doesn't only have a theme park but also has Zootopia inside. Shobe and I got separated from the rest of the group because this was the first place that we went to. The line in the Lost Valley was pretty long but the long wait is worth it because I got to see my favorite animal for the very first time! We almost roamed the whole place and was also able to go to Friendly Ranch, Tiger Valley, Seals and Sea lions, Bird Paradise, Monkey Valley and Panda World.
Everland also offers interaction between the animals and guests. They have different live shows like the "Animal Wonder Stage" and "Sea Lion Stadium". 
Tadaaaa! The highlight of my Everland experience! I was so happy when I saw a giraffe up close. I thought I wouldn't be able to see one this year because our Coron trip got cancelled. Imagine how happy I was when my friends told me that there are lots in Everland! I was imagining the whole time on how they really look like up close. They were so cute!!! I'm already satisfied that I got to see them even if I wasn't able to touch them. I'll be saving my excitement again for my Coron trip. I don't know when because there are no plans yet. I hope it'll push through real soon! :)
Everland made me appreciate how cute a panda is! I'm not a fan of pandas but when I got to see one in person I can't help but just stare at them. Haha! How come they still look cute even if they're just sleeping the whole time? 

3. Everland offers a lot of rides for the kids at heart who are afraid but are still willing to experience and try something new. I am that person though! Haha! To be honest I'm not fond of trying rides because I have trust issues when it comes to ride seat belts. I didn't try the famous T-express (aka. wooden roller coaster) kase alam ko sa sarili kong hindi ko talaga kaya huhu. But if you happen to go there it's one thing that you should definitely try because it's the 4th longest and 10th fastest in the world! However, as what I've said earlier, I didn't take the risk and I opted for baby rides instead such as carousels (HAHAHA) and the like and tita rides like cable cars and ski rides.  
4. Every spot in Everland has a distinct architecture. My favorite would be the European Village and feeling nasa Europe ka talaga. Most restaurants were located there.You'll see some Greek landscapes and the Alpine village. Everything is just festive to my eyes and it is also where my most favorite spots are located, the different royal gardens. 
5. Everland has Four Seasons Garden where a stretch of thousands of beautiful flowers welcome the guests all year round. It's actually my favorite spot and it was where I spent almost half of my time! Sobrang ganda as in! Every spot is instragammable! There were also the Nymph Garden where various aquatic plants like lotus flowers and lilies live; Rose Garden where you can see a romantic garden full of roses in different colors; Rose Castle which houses a romantic starlight palace decorated with colored lights. If you haven't seen my last post yet in their Rose Garden click this link- Roses in Everland
6. Everland has lifts to transfer the guests from one place to another. Everland is freakingggg huge! Imagine, ang laki nung place tapos lakad ng lakad tapos bago pa shoes ko tapos di ko pa nakagat! Haha! (According to myths, if you have new shoes kailangan daw kagatin para hindi sumakit and paa!!) Good thing there were lifts like sky cruise and sky way! Those are my leg savers! It's also the transport system for oldies and babies with strollers and para sa mga kagaya kong nanakit na ang paa. 
7. Every spot is instagramable! Hindi naman talaga ako sumusuko sa pagpipicture but my camera's battery did during the late afternoon. :( I wasn't able to see the famous Umbrella Alley but if you happen to go to Everland it's located in Aesop Village in Magic Land. 
The famous Magic Tree of Everland! :)
If given another chance, I would definitely visit Everland again! This place has just so much to offer and I want to experience it again with my family! :)

PS. We booked Everland Bus from Jongno Station to Everland vice versa and Everland Ticket via Klook! :) If you still haven't registered in it you may click this- Register Klook