We cannot deny the fact that nowadays we  prefer to dress in less prints and tones and prefer monochromatic dressing. I don't know if it's the trend or is it just us appreciating the beauty of less prints and sophisticated minimal looks. One of the few pieces I really adore from this monochrome dressing is the rise of white sneakers. Whether it may be white chucks, high tops or kicks, I've seen a lot of ways on how to wear and style it through visiting other blogs, my instagram feed and pinterest. From summer outfits (shorts and tank tops), classic dresses, casual outfits (t-shirt and pants) down to office look (silk top and trousers) these pair would work in any outfit you wish to throw. Although I would and always be in love with heels, I must say, i would always prefer comfort over style. 

Imagine my delight when I found out that I have a pair of white sneakers. Out of boredom a few days back I found these pair while I was cleaning my shoe rack. I purposely bought these when I was in 4th year high school for a school dance where I used it only once. I tried to style my own according to my mood during that day. I thought of coordinating these pair of sneakers and jumpsuit together. No accessories. No blings. How's my take on channeling the model off-duty look in these pair? Joke. Haha :) 

Hope you'll have a great week ahead :)


School Year 2014-2015 has finally come to an end and I cannot be more excited about what's in store for me this summer 2015. I'm actually waiting for it since I was fed up by school requirements and final exams the past weeks but now that I'm in my first day of summer, I honestly don't know what to do. Speaking of boredom in my first day of summer! Haha! Anyway, I already do have plans that I can't wait to happen and tick of my summer 2015 bucket list. For now here are some of the pictures I have compiled from my instagram account and the other pictures left out that I wasn't able to make a blog post because of being busy.  

School Days
School days basically mean school activities and exams, in short requirements. We did had a nice schedule last semester and so have more time for our YOLO life (that's what they call it). They say it's a good thing to experience all of these by now since next semester will be completely different. Pre-Dental no more, Hello Dental Proper years! 
I've been to concerts and parties last semester and gained friends because of it. We've managed to try some great foods around the city and one of which are the different burgers around Bats-Lipa. There were also some pastry shops we've tried around and I'm not wondering why I gained 3 kilos last semester. When I'm with them, the word diet just don't cross my mind. It's great to have experienced a lot of things with them for the past months and hoping for better ones on the coming sems. I'll miss each one of them especially those who were trying to copy my gestures and mannerisms. Hahaha! You made me laugh the hardest during the last day. :P

I make it a point to spend my weekends with my family alone and have our own mini bonding. Many things have happened during the previous months that made us even stronger as a family and one of which was my lolo's health condition. Nonetheless, we're happy  that we survived it as a family and I know that even the biggest problems can be solved when everyone in the family is working hard together. Other than that we we're able to have some family victories, gatherings, celebrations and adventures that made us closer. Looking forward to what's in store for us this summer 2015. They will always be the best travel buddies and I just can't wait for our next adventure together. 

Sorry for making this post a little long. Have a great week ahead! :)

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As promised here's the second part of our Art in Island adventure. The pictures here were more realistic and look more amazing! :) It was tiring to roam around the whole place but the experience was really worth it. I did enjoyed a lot in this adventure with my cousins and I'm looking forward to more trips and travels with them this coming summer vacation. I'm actually in search for some places to go to and things to try out and have already noted and listed some. Haha! 

 *I'm sure you'll enjoy the pictures as much as I did while compiling it. 

Art in Island
15th Avenue, Brgy. Socorro 
Cubao, Quezon City
Manila, Philippines


Last week my cousins and I had a mini adventure in the city. We planned to try something new and something different other than food tripping, shopping or malling. We thought of visiting a museum, not a historical one but a trick art museum! The museum looks quite small at the outside. 
When we were inside already the place was big and there were a lot of rooms full of 3D paintings. The place is really amazing! We were like wild kids inside the museum and we did took so many photos! Hahaha :) It was fun to pose and act like the backgrounds were real. We had so much fun posing to around 80 plus paintings.

 I thought of posting first the first 25 pictures here on the blog since there are literally a lot of photos taken. Here's the first part of the many pictures we took. 

Hope you had fun viewing the pictures! Wait for the second set of pictures in my next blog post. Have a great week ahead :)