If you're updated with my instagram stories you would know that I'm homebound during the previous days. I had no galas and do the same routine everyday- eat, sleep, blog, repeat. I don't complain though because I found myself doing more productive things like planned my schedule for this week (it's already fully booked and I'm happy about it!), cleaned my closet (I want to sell some of my clothes that I only wore once or twice because I cannot manage some of it already!!), watched makeup tutorials and at least tried to watch an episode of Weightlifting Fairy kdrama. Hahaha! Anyway, I'm really a big fan of Thought Catalog since 2012 and found myself visiting and reading some of its articles again since vacation started. The articles are all beautiful and relateable. It made me wish to be one of their writer soon. I would be very happy if I will!!! Sharing with you some of the excerpt of my favorite articles from Thought Catalog. :)
"It’s not enough just to like someone. A crush is not enough. You have to make them feel wanted. You have to make them feel valued. When you like someone and you don’t let them know, they’ll always wonder, they’ll question your intentions, they’ll question themselves, they’ll wonder why you’re not making any effort and they’ll ask themselves if they did anything that made you change your mind, if maybe you like someone else more, if they should have done more to keep you interested. Look for someone who not only likes you but also wants you because that makes all the difference. When someone wants you, they don’t leave you with unanswered questions or mixed feelings and they don’t make room for anyone to steal their spot. When someone wants you, they let you know. You feel it. You see it. You believe it. You don’t just sit there and hope it turns into something real. It’s not an illusion, it’s reality. Liking someone is not enough, wanting someone is what pushes people to put themselves out there, risk rejection and open themselves up to love another person and be loved.  Don’t wait for someone to show you how much they like you, wait for them to show you how much they want you." -- Why Liking Someone Is Simply Not Enough
"I know you thought that he was going to be different or special. You thought he was going to change his ways, or that you would be the one to get him falling fast. I know you thought that somehow, it had to work out. He showed interest at first. He probably smiled his charming grin at you and your heart dropped like it hasn’t done in a long time. I bet his eyes made you feel like you were the only one in the room that night. And I bet you believed him. And it's not your fault he was goddamn cute. It's not your fault he said things that made you melt. It's not your fault he made your knees grow weak. It's not your fault his eyes made you want him. So here you are now wondering what you did. Here you are now wondering what you said that made him stop showing interest in you. Here you are now asking yourself so many questions. This is about him. This is about his issues. This is about his small unwelcoming heart. This is about his inability to fully love. This is about his inability to care. About anyone but himself. You did nothing wrong, dear. You didn’t mess this up. This is not your fault. This is all on him. This is all his wrongdoing. This is his mistake and this will be his regret one day. Truthfully, you’re better off without the guy who plays his games only to get what he wants and needs. Truthfully, you don’t need someone like that in your life. Truthfully, he doesn’t deserve your love and your beautiful, beautiful heart. Don’t blame yourself for his faults. Don’t blame yourself for his broken heart. One day you’ll look back on this time in your life and you’ll smile at yourself in the mirror, knowing that he lost the best thing that he could ever have." -- He's Not Busy, He Just Doesn't Give A Damn Shit About You
"But the next day, no matter how hurt I still am, I let go. I don’t let them see my pain. I don’t reach out. Once I say goodbye, I mean it. At a certain point, I promised myself I’d never go back to anyone who took me for granted, whether we’d dated once or for years. And I’ve kept that promise. There is something about someone breaking me down and making me feel worthless for a moment that makes them nothing to me for a lifetime. I don’t love them. I don’t hate them. I nothing them. The truth is, love isn’t easy but it’s worth it—especially when it’s with the right person. And when the right person comes along, you’ll say, “Ah, there you are, my missing puzzle piece! Good thing I waited for you…”" --The Strongest Girls Know When To Let Go Of The Wrong Person"
"At the end of the day, you are the only one who is truly capable of living your life. You can take people’s tricks and tips but it comes down to you and what you decide to do with that information. It comes down to what you want and how much work you’re willing to do to get there. Give yourself the permission you keep seeking from elsewhere. Allow yourself to take risks, to become the person you want to be, to live out your dreams. Don’t stay on a path that doesn’t fill your soul with inspiration because you feel like it’s what you’re supposed to do. Screw what you’re supposed to do and do what you were born to do. Give yourself permission to go after your goals because the only thing worse than failing is never trying. Be able to say you at least tried, you at least went after your dreams so you don’t wake up one morning wondering where the hell your life went. You are capable of so much- don't let anyone tell you otherwise." -- Give Yourself The Permission You'reSeeking From Everyone Else And Go Live The Truth
"She is a passionate girl. She loves hard and with everything she has. She isn’t afraid to put herself out there, to tell you she has feelings for you, to flirt, to step forward, to grab your hand and let you spin her around in circles as the sun sets. She wants to know you. Not just see what the world sees, but know your story. Know the secrets you hide, the lessons you’ve learned, the broken pieces you’re still trying to mend. She wants to kiss away your pain as best as she can. She wants to love you more deeply than anyone who came before. She is a passionate girl. She is not afraid to feel, to give, to love. She is not afraid to fight, to forgive, to stay. She is not afraid of relationships, of commitment, of promises, of a future. She is not afraid of emotions, of heart, of stepping forward into something beautify and scary and real. And so you must step forward, too. You must not be afraid. You must understand that just because her love is big does not mean it needs to scare you. And love, damn it. Love. Love wildly. Love fiercely. Love with all of you, and don’t hold back. Love that passionate girl with passion. And never let her go." -- How To Love A Passionate Girl  
"Love doesn’t just magically appear, it doesn’t magically happen, you have to let it happen, and you have to work at it when it does. Love isn’t always convenient, it doesn’t always have good timing and it definitely doesn’t always look or feel the way it does in books and movies. But no matter how weird and difficult love can be, you should never feel like it’s hard to love someone and you should never feel like it’s hard for them to love you. Relationships are hard, but love, I don’t think love is hard. Love is something that if it’s real, it’s always there. Be yourself. Don’t doubt or worry or fear. Spend your life with the people who make you feel good, the people who make those doubts, worries, and fears fade into the background. Spend your life letting every bit of happiness in, and love will come with it." -- This Is How I  Finally Found Love After Being The Eternally Single Girl
My dear followers, there are some news I would love to share with you guys. One of the biggest online fashion store “Zaful” is now celebrating their 3rd anniversary.

I'll checked out the details about this anniversary blog giveaway. TBH, It's quite awesome. The link to their blog is over here: https://zafulofficial.wordpress.com/

Who doesn’t love giveaways? Go to their blog and take a look. I would be very happy if you tag my nameXXXXXXafter participating the giveaway event. Zaful will choose a couple of winners after the event and give out huge rewards!

Thank you Zaful for my beautiful dress. Visit their site for more fashionable finds and floral party dress! :)


Hey guys! What's up? Are you on summer vacation already? How is it going so far? Anyway, I'm recently eyeing vintage stuffs from the net whether it may be swimwears, dresses and shoes. I recently came across Gamiss website and found a wide selection of beautiful vintage dresses.  I like the classy and elegant designs that they have in store and I've been already thinking a lot of ways on how I could style them. I've picked my top three favorites to share with you. Aside from that, I got an eye for their bags too! I mean, everything is just too cute and unique. Scroll down to see what I'm talking about! :)
1 // 2 // 3
4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9
Take advantage of their SALE items up to 75% off! Check out Gamiss website for more fashionable finds! :)

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Out of the blue while talking to a friend on the phone, she asked me a random question that most people keep on asking me: What's my ideal guy? I'm not into writing posts about guys or about love here on the blog because I don't have any of it. But because I want you guys to read something new here on the blog I made that question an inspiration for this post and thought of finally answering it here! Hahaha! As early as now, (to whoever will be able to relate or will have a violent reaction after reading this) I'm already warning you that this post is based on my honest opinions and experiences. 
 I don't get easily attracted to someone. It's not that I have unreachable standards (because, honestly, you'll be surprised when you know what those are) but I know myself and I know what I want. I have a friendly personality, not suplada or even maldita that I can be easily approached by anybody. I admit it, I haven't been in a relationship (like almost all people I met still doesn't believe it!!! Guys, bakit ang hirap paniwalaan na NBSB ako?) not because I always put that little space between boy and friend but because I just still haven't feel that "he's the one" feeling to any of the guys who confessed to me.  To tell you honestly, I'm not more of the "looks" kind of person. When it's not "the looks equates the personality" it's the "personality that overlaps the looks". What do I mean by personality? Consistency is the key. Madami kaseng lalaking magaling lang sa una. I'm sorry but it's the reality. How will a girl be interested kung sa una lang pala magaling at nag eeffort, right? 
Guy # 1: Hanggang salita lang pala. Yung icha-chat ka, makikipagkilala, then you two get comfortable with each other tapos sasabihin na gusto ka. What's next, itatanong kung pwedeng manligaw? Yung willing daw maghintay hanggang sa maging ready ka pero ano, na seen mo lang ng isang beses, magtatampo na agad tapos naglaho na din na parang bula. Wow ha!!! Don't you get it? Your consistency and patience are being tested! Sorry but you FAILED! Guy # 2: Lulubog-lilitaw. Yung ichachat ka for straight a week tapos pagkatapos wala na. Magchachat na lang ulit kung kelan niya magustuhan. Ano yun, pampalipas oras ka lang??!! Guy # 3: Torpe. Yung ichachat ka pero hindi naman marunong makipag-usap ng ayos. Ikaw pa yung magdadala ng conversation nyo. I'm sorry but I really hate people like this!!! Guy # 4: Ball is Life. Yung ginawa ng mundo ang basketball. I don't hate guys who play basketball. What I hate is yung nagpapabaya na just to give basketball more time. Hello, there's more to life than playing basketball. I hope he'll realize it. Guy # 5: Super happy go lucky. Yung wala ng ibang ginawa kundi ang magpasarap sa buhay. I mean, kumusta naman ang ibang bagay? Don't you have other more important priorities in life? I know gala ako pero I have limitations. Guy # 6: Playboy. This guy seems serious. Yung magagaling magsalita na halos madala ka na pero the next thing you know ang dami nya palang reserve. Ang masaklap pa minsan, ang lakas ng loob e hindi naman kagwapuhan. Like seriously?!! Have you met those kind of people? Those kind of people are up for no good. 
For me, the real ones are the serious ones- serious when it comes to studies and career, serious when it comes to his goals, serious when it comes to his life and serious when it comes to me. A guy who will try to reach out and build a communication with me inspite of his busy life. He will update me with a simple "Hi", "Good Morning" or even just a quick wave a day just to make me know that he's still there and interested. A guy who will try to get to know me more- the things that I like, the things that I love to do, my hobbies and my family. (I hate when guys ask for my address!!!) and just like the opposite, He will not be ashamed of sharing his own life story without me even asking about it. I feel comfortable to guys who feel comfortable with me (that's why I hate torpe!!!) There's nothing more attractive than a man who has big goals and dreams and does everything to achieve it. It's what makes me motivated and inspired- to see my man preparing for his future and achieving everything he once dreamt of. A guy whom you can be crazy with whether you have the means of going on a trip or just staying at home- a guy who's never boring to be with. A guy who will stick with me not just during the good times but most especially during the worst times. A guy who will help me discover more of myself and teach me a lot of new things. A guy who loves his family so much especially his mom and siblings and last but not the least, a guy who puts GOD first in his life. 
I don't want expectations anymore but I hope that soon, when it's already my time, I get to meet my match who will fill all those hopes and what if's in my daydreams and imagination. 
Thank you Zaful for my cold shoulder top and sunnies. Visit their site for more choices! :)

Hey guys! It's half of May already and so far I'm enjoying my vacation whether I'm out for a gala/trip or I'm just blogging at home. It's understood already that it can be hot during the months of April & May here in the Philippines but sometimes it's just unbearable. *Ang init na nga sa balat tapos ang banas-banas pa wohoooo!!* Anyway, it's actually a long summer vacation for me since it started last April and I'm currently taking advantage of it by doing the things that I would want to tick off on my summer list. It's just funny how some of it looked impossible to achieve at first until I started doing and working on it. All thanks to the people who motivated, challenged and guided me (You know who you are!!).  
I don't really spend too much time taking ootd shots and blogging the clothes that I wear when it's not for the brands that I work with. I mean it's time consuming and I still have other works to do. (If you're a blogger, I know you experience this!) But when you're already in a nice place with a trusted camera, on fleek makeup and ootd plus a great company who would not take advantage of it?!! Ang ganda lang ng timing! Haha! 
Makeup by Yoshiko Terry // Pictures by Mimi Sweegg // Outfit from Ica
What a supportive team! Hahaha
For those who are messaging me and asking where I got my sunnies, I got it from Rosegal for $8.42 or around Php 420. :) 
The photographer // IG account: @aimeebustillo // Blog: www.aimeebustillo.com
The makeup artist (Ang daming alam! Hahaha) // IG account: @yoshikoterry

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Hey, hey! This post is merely all about those bandeau bikinis, see through bikinis and anything summer-related stuffs. You better keep an eye to what this post contains because I'm pretty sure that after you finish reading this you'll be heading on to the site and purchase items as much as your credit card holds. Haha! It's time again for another summer wish list on the blog. I've been doing this for almost twice or thrice a month to give you an update of my monthly picks and the monthly promos and discounts of my favorite stores online. Today's post is all about my summer wish list from Rosegal. They're having this 8% off on all their items. All you have to do is use the code SUMMER17 during check out. :)
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
1 // 2 // 3
To complete your stay and celebrate Mother's Day on the site, Rosegal is giving $5 off for every $50 worth of purchase. Just apply the code MOM during check out. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! :)


My Rosegal package has finally arrived! This is so far the most random order that I've placed since it consists of a lot of different things inside. Some of it were already my go to things because I ordered the same items before and some are new that I just want to try. :)
I'm not really a fan of silicon phone cases because I prefer the rubber cases more. In spite of it I got an eye for this one that I can't leave the site without including it in my cart. The design is just too cute and it's very cheap too. It's a nice suggestion to give as a gift for friends and cousins.  
Since I love going to the beach and have planned more beach trips on the coming months I decided to order a beach scarf online. I've seen a lot of different designs on instagram and facebook but I found it quite expensive. The price ranges from Php 800-1000 pesos in different online stores while I got mine for $7.18 or around Php 360-400 pesos only from Rosegal.
I got an eye for this double effect thick mascara when I saw it online. I really want to have a big volume of lashes that's why I want to give it a try. It is applied in two steps to achieve that double effect thick lashes! You can buy and try it for yourself. :)  
Beauty blenders are already an essential in every girl's makeup kit. I learned it first from my cousins then from my classmates so I finally decided to give it a try. These beauty blenders are quite big yet it work well. Aside from the beauty blenders that they have, I also got 3 silicone sponges. I learned it from my makeup artist. He said that it works better than the other sponges because it doesn't trap bacteria and it is easily washable. :)
I like organizing my things especially the cosmetics that I have. I ordered another makeup organizer from Rosegal but this time with a different design. I like that it's not pricey compared to other online shops. It's $16.37 or around Php 780-800. It's of high quality and durable that's why I keep on ordering it whenever they give me a gift card to spend from their site.  
Last but not the least is this pair of glasses. It's actually my favorite among all the items that I picked from the site. What I liked about it is that it's the perfect glasses for strong protection. I'm already overusing it whenever I go out of the house. It's actually the latest trend right now and how I wish I bought more of it in different colors. I received a lot of compliments from my friends and ig followers. 

That's it! Check out Rosegal's website for more fashion finds! :) 
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Unang Hirit, the morning show of GMA network, went to visit and feature one of the most sought after resort in Pagkilatan Batangas City last May 2, 2017. Isola Vista Beach Resort is not just known for its 3 infinity pools but also a home to many water activities in Batangas. :)
Thank you Tito Donn Ramos and Kuya Michael for doing our makeup. :)
Aside from the beautiful view and location of the resort the other things that people could enjoy while staying in Isola Vista are their different activities. Unang Hirit purposely came to Isola Vista to feature their different water activities like the banana boat , flyfish, deck tube, pedal boat and crazy UFO rides. They also offer coral watching valued at Php 150 per head that the guests will surely enjoy.
I was lucky enough to try the different rides of  Isola Vista together with my co talents, yellow batch of Performing Arts Office and the host of the morning show, Hiro Peralta.  
I tried the fly fish for the first time. It doesn't look extreme when you look at it but when you try it, it really fly!!! Be ready because the fly fish will lift up, turn sideways, glide and shake! You have to hold tight on the handles to avoid being thrown away or if you can't manage already you can just let go since you're wearing a life vest for safety purposes. It's valued at 300 pesos per head and it can accommodate 4-6 persons. I highly recommend it! :)

Another ride that is highly recommended is the deck tube ride. For me it's the most extreme ride because you have to be in a prone position while being pulled by the speedboat in the fastest way. It's even thrilling if there are big waves! It's valued at 300 per head and it can accommodate 2 persons each. I assure you it's worth every penny! :)
The most popular ride and most in demand is the banana boat. They have it in two: the 5-seater and the 14-seater. If you want a more thrilling experience I suggest you to go after the 5-seater since it's speedier and it has a higher chance of  over turning! :) The 5-seater is valued at 250 per head while the 14-seater is valued at 200 per head. :)
Lastly is the Crazy UFO ride. This ride is perfect for families who'd like to enjoy the view like just watching a tv show while sitting on a moving, sliding and even jumping sofa. It's relaxing but can be a crazy and wild ride too especially for people who are in for a good time. It can accommodate 5 persons and valued at 250 pesos per head
The resort has many instagramable spots too. Look at this one! Haha! :)

Thank you Isola Vista for a great experience! You can make reservations by calling 0909-320-2324 or 0926-398-8028. You may also visit their facebook page for more details.

 Entrance fee is Php 175 for adults, Php 125 for kids and seniors and Php 100 for PWD. 

Isola Vista Beach Resort
Brgy. Pagkilatan, Batangas City