What a refreshing morning it is! Ahhh, I can still feel the sea breeze and the sound of the waves while writing this post back home. I feel so lucky to have spent the whole ECQ period in my grandparents' ancestral house in Pagkilatan Batangas. Everyday felt normal as if I was really in vacation for the whole month of May. Living the simplest life, eating the freshest catch, exploring unseen spots and basically just relaxing by the shore and watching the sunset are some of the things that I got to enjoy and are currently missing now.
Freshly picked buko from our farm to suffice our thirst on a sunny afternoon
Every morning we used to eat fresh fruits from our backyard during our stay. I was quite upset because my siblings and I weren't able to hike at our lolo's mountain. My cousins told us that there were lots of fruits and a beautiful view from above. During the night our meals would always consist of fresh catch fishes and shells. Ang galing na mangilaw ng 2 kong kapatid! Haha
Went on a morning swim (and shoot haha!) in the famous Kay Butas. The last time I went there was around 5 years ago yet still nothing has changed. The trail was still hard for me because of the large and pointed rocks that we passed through but it was all worth it when I saw the view from the cave. It was windy and sunny at the same time. Sobrang beach vibes lang! 
Stuffed our table with fresh fruits and some of Bihiya's best sellers for our Mother's Day boodle fight celebration. Celebrated Mom's Day with 5 moms in one roof!
Was delighted to see an ice cream vendor roaming around Pagkilatan so I decided to buy an ice cream that was perfect for the scorching hot weather! // Also, I am happy that my tita decided to bake and try the newest craze, Ube Cheese Pandesal. I've been craving for it for the longest time and I'm happy and satisfied with the outcome. 
Can't get over with this filter! Instant cat eyeliner! // Beautiful Sikar shell found at the beach. Actually may laman daw sya sa loob na nakakain but we cannot manage to pull off so we just decided to bring it as a decoration. 
Famous Kay Butas Cave
Even if barrio fiestas aren't celebrated at this time of pandemic we still decided to prepare and cook for a small home feast. It was also the birthday of my grandfather who was suppose to turn 85 this year.  
I spent my mornings appreciating and watching my lola's blooming garden. I just really hope that I'll also have a green thumb in the future. 
I can't help but adore the clear seawater of Pagkilatan. I can see the corals and underwater plants even without my eyeglasses with me. 
Went on a paddle boarding on a really hot afternoon. Wouldn't do it again! Hahaha Muntik na masunog ang balat ko. More pictures on this post
Milo Ice candy on a hot weather // I don't know what this flower is called but it certainly got my attention! Found it in my tito's backyard. 
Another home feast in celebration of my Ninang's birthday
I already learned how to sail a boat!! Hahaha. It was fun and thrilling especially when I see waves approaching. Looking forward to my next boat ride. // Beautiful sunset from the beach
One of my favorite shot. Everything looks so calm and serene. I really hope that everything will be back to how it's suppose to be. 

Keep safe and healthy!  :) 


One of my favorite season to spend outdoors is definitely summer when longer days and brighter days are being experienced. Even if summer this year has cancelled my travels, it won’t stop me from dressing up in my favorite summer pieces. One of my favorite staple piece is a pair of good bikini that can be worn effortlessly. I was inspired in my previous blog post to revamp and add more in my collection. I’ve own few classic pieces but I’m now looking for some good new pairs that I can add up in my collection. I did some readings online and listed some of the things that would def be in my next orders from Bellelily.
I not only love tie dye in shirts but also in bikinis. I saw a co-blogger wearing a tie dye bikini just recently and I just can’t help but adore that beautiful pair! I love how it gives off an instant summer vibes through its combination of bright and pastel colors. In contrast with brights, I also love wearing neutrals and I want to add more of it in my collection. Most of my bikinis are all neutral colors because I can mix match the pieces and and repeat it in my next beach trip without anyone noticing it. #Bikinihacks
When it comes to prints what I would always prefer are animal and floral ones. I love how naughty and chic an animal print suggests while I love how feminine and posh a floral conveys. Whether I want to be naughty or nice, these 2 are both my go to bikini prints! 
I never had a high waist one but I’d also love too as it covers most part of the belly. I think it’s one of the cons of wearing one since it’s one problem that I have to face every time I go on vacations and choose to live the moment and drop the diet! :P
Aside from bikinis, I'm also a big fan of summer dresses! I came across some good few pieces from Fairy Season that I'd love to consider for my next orders.

How about you? What are some of the things that you look for in a bikini or a dress? Any suggestions on few good summer styles that I can splurge on? 

If only I could bring everyone of you to my happy place right now, I definitely would. I've been living by the seashore in my grandparents' house in this time of pandemic and I couldn't be more thankful to the freedom that I'm experiencing now. During the months of January and February I've lived my life in Manila to prepare for the upcoming board exam. When President Duterte announced a lock down in Manila during the outbreak I went back home in the province and lived there from March to April. When our place started to have the most cases of PUIs and PUMs and covid cases in Batangas my family decided to go to our bukid and live with my grandparents. Being in the little town of Pagkilatan is a big relief for me and my family. There were no noted history nor present covid cases and people were alive and free but still in a way that proper precautions are practiced. This place took away my anxiety and let me live a normal life again. If only I could bring all my loved ones and friends here, I definitely would. With restrictions that we have right now, visitors are not allowed until I really don't know when. But I promise that once it's already safe and GCQ is lifted I'll bring you all and let you experience the things I get to enjoy in my little piece of heaven. 
On a random sunny Thursday I decided to go on a quick paddle boarding and shoot some photos for the blog. I wore a one piece bikini from DressLily and it was the first time that I used it. I love how the print and color give off  a tropical and beach vibes and how cute yet still modest the off shoulder detail looks! 
How are your days going? Comment some good suggestions of series or kdramas that I can binge watch on netflix plsss! I'm currently watching What's Wrong with Secretary Kim :)


Hey guys! It's already been 2 months since the start of lock down and here I am reminiscing a past beach trip a few years back. I was surprised to see this in my draft box and I think this is the perfect time to share with you the pictures that never get posted (but was prepared a long time ago) on my blog together with my thoughts about this quarantine period. 
It was never easy for all of us to be in this season of pandemic and be quarantined for several months. A lot of people lost their jobs, millions of people were infected around the world, everyone feels anxious about their lives, you name it! Our 2020 plans got cancelled and we have many thoughts and made up problems in our mind right now on how are we going to continue to live a life like this. We're never going back to normal and we have to set certain standards on how are we going to live the "new normal". I have to admit that when this outbreak started I feared for my life-  I feared that I might get infected because of my low immune system or that any members of the family will; I feared that I might not accomplish my personal and career goals this year; I feared that I might not be able to travel anymore; I feared that we're not going to experience the life that we have before. I had so much thoughts and I tend to overthink at times but as I get used to all of these things, I was able to slowly overcame it with a different outlook and mindset. Being busy also helped me cope up with my anxiety and I want to share you some of the things that keeps me sane and moving while on lockdown.
Binge watch on netflix. I remember the last time that I went out to have a grocery during the last week of March I went back home really scared and anxious. I regret that I went outside, made up symptoms on my mind and I just can't get over with the thought that I might have encountered someone infected. What I did was I binge watch in netflix to cope up with my anxiety and keep my mind busy. It's when my love for kdrama started!I started watching Crash Landing On You and finished it in 2 days. After that I felt fangirling over kdramas and watched more of it for the whole month.  
Workout. It's really hard to start working out especially if you've been idle for so long and got used to your usual routine of eat-sleep-repeat. I'm guilty but I realized that if I won't be able to accomplish my other goals this year, might as well have a Plan B and start working on it. Every single move, single walk, single burn, and a progressing diet, when added together really means a lot. I may not make myself slimmer and sexier like the ones here on this post but I'm working on achieving a healthier and more toned body this quarantine. 
Strengthen your support system. One of the things that's keeping me away from my worries is through reconnecting with my family and friends. Be active on group chats and group calls, ask how they are, send memes in between covid topic to break off the tension, update them on what you're doing. Just basically be there for them in this time of crisis.  
Blog. Having a good read is an essential to keep you away from anything that bothers you. Reading other blogs and knowing what others are up to gives me ideas on how to stay busy and productive this quarantine. Cooking is one of the many things that bloggers are busy at this period and I joined the bandwagon by trying out easy recipes and dishes that I saw online. I made a post about it here. I'm happy that I was able to discover something that turned into passion.
Pray. Do not underestimate the power of prayer. I know my prayers saves me every single day. The moment I wake up and before I sleep I always say a prayer to calm my mind and cast my worries away. I know He's the only one who's in control and it is on His hands where all of us will be saved. Don't forget to say a prayer every day. :)
That's it! I hope you're all doing good at this period. I hope you're all safe and healthy!