Helloooo guys! 2 weeks ago my family and I went on a short trip to Cebu and Bohol. Every year we make it a point to travel to a local tourist destination that we haven't travelled to as a family. Since we haven't been to Cebu and Bohol yet we decided to book our family trip there. I was in charge of the whole itinerary. We didn't availed the usual planned tour from agencies because I have specific target places and activities that I want to go and try in Cebu. I proposed an itinerary to my family where I listed everything that both the oldies and teens would enjoy. One place that I listed there is a day tour at Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort. I heard and knew about the place through reading other blogs. I got interested and put it in my bucket list to visit if given the chance to travel to Cebu. 
Going to Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort is no joke. If you're impatient with long travels I'm sure you're not up for this kind of trip. I was expecting already a long travel time and I briefed already my family of what to expect especially the oldies so that I wouldn't hear rants. Hahaha! Our Day 1 was spent exploring Southern Cebu. We arrived at 2:20 am in Mactan Airport, fetched by the van at 2:30 am and traveled 3-4 hours just to get to Oslob. When we got to Oslob by 5:30 am we changed into swimming attires and did the 2 activities in our itinerary. Imagine how tired we looked during that time. Haha! (I have a separate post for this!) 
By 11:00 am we were already at the mainland bancogon of Bluewater Sumilon. We waited until 11:30 am for the other tourists to arrive. It was a 15 minute bangka ride from the mainland to the island resort. Our day tour is valued at 1,500 pesos per head. It already includes roundtrip boat transfers from Mainland-Sumilon Island-Mainland, Island activities like kayaking, snorkeling (free use of mask and snorkel), island trekking and fish feeding, use of resort facilities including the beach, infinity pool and payags, and lastly, the international lunch buffet. I was able to take advantage of everything except the island trekking. We chose to rest and just relax in the resort after the long travel time that we had. 
There were only few tourists during our stay there so we were able to take advantage of the whole resort. Most of the oldies rested and slept in the cabanas while we (teens!) went jacuzzi hopping. Of course, we also took a lot of photos from different spots. Ang daming pang blog at pang IG! Hahaha!    
My favorite spot in the resort. My cousins and I had it all by ourselves. 
The resort offered an international buffet lunch. We were with a lot of different nationalities during our stay and it looked like our family was the only group of Filipinos there.. The foods were delicious and I still went back twice to grab some sweets and fruits! Hihihi
We also tried kayaking. I was with my brother when we went racing with my tito. Our kayak almost turned upside down! Haha! I didn't thought of it as scary but funny instead!!! :)
Swimwear from Zaful // More pictures of this #SOTD on this post
Outfit. During our afternoon stay in the resort, I wore my new floral maxi dress from Rosegal. Good thing it arrived before our trip to Cebu! The dress is really cute (ruffled and high low trim + cold shoulder style + floral design!) and breezy (and comfy!!!). If you want to purchase this dress too you may click THIS or you may head on to Rosegal's website for more finds. They have a lot of new stuffs like their black turtleneck dress! Check it out! :)
Bluewater Sumilon, you were beautiful!!! If ever you're visiting Cebu give this island resort a try. They have friendly staffs to accommodate you. :) 

Location. Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort, Sumilon Island, Bancogon, Oslob, Cebu, PH

http://melissabolona.com // BTS shoot with Chris Shintani
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http://melissabolona.com // BTS shoot with Chris Shintani
Busy, Busy
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Hey guyss! I just got back from a weekend trip early this week and I have so many pictures to share with you. There were like 3,000 plus pictures taken (HAHAHA, ang OA) and I know every fashion blogger can relate to this! Yung tipong one pose, 5 angles, 10 shots! Haha!! Sobrang OC ba? Of course I wouldn't upload all of it. I'll just pick few of my favorites to share here on the blog so you better not miss anything including ME. Sorry, ang sabaw ko sa part na yun. Hahaha! I woke up feeling happy and cute today (HAHAHA, sorry for the term cute!) unlike yesterday full of fears and dramas. I'm getting better now! :D Thanks to my cheering squad! HAHAHA I love you guys!

So here ya gooo! First things first on my Cebu-Bohol posts is this swimwear ootd! Finally nasuot ko din sya! It's actually my first time to wear a swimwear in public without a cover-up or kimono. I was shy because I find myself fat (Saang banda? Sa tyan bes :( Kitams?). However, I still pushed through wearing one because I want to tick it off on my bucket list and yes, Confidence lang talaga katapat! So, yes, that's me, hahaha!  I wore a slimming asymmetrical swimsuit (yes, slimming daw pero halata pa din layers of fats) from Zaful. I like the fit and the color (it even matched the color of the curtains hahaha!) plus it's a one-piece! I still don't have the guts to wear a two-piece swimsuit! Pag may abs na ako!!! Kelan kaya yun??
Swimwear & Sunnies from Zaful
Thanks for being one of my major blog sponsor. Too may cute items!!! :)
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Hey yooo! It's time for another summer wish list! This time it's from my newly discovered brand, YOINS. Just like the other online stores that I know, they offer a wide variety of summer clothes that all the girly girls would love. But, what makes them different from the others is that they have this category of ONLY YOINS where it is the only online store where you can find those products. Talk about uniqueness! Can you guess which item / items did I picked on my wish list? :)

Aside from that you can enjoy a 15% off discount when you purchase items from YOINS. Just use the coupon code "blog15" upon check out. :)
Left // Right
Left // Right
Left // Right
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I attended for the fifth time Bloggers United event during the first week of June. I'm actually taking advantage of my long summer vacation before school starts in August because you know, my life as a student can be pretty crazy. Anyway, this year's Blogger's United was on it's 13th installment and it got bigger and better. There were a lot of new bloggers, vloggers and partnered brands who participated in the event. Taking pictures with the popular bloggers and buying cute stuffs are already traditional things to do. However, my favorite parts are meeting blogger friends who I just know across the internet and as always, scoring cute, cheap stuffs from my favorite bloggers! :)
Left: I met Ate Heidi Padilla at the event. She's very sweet and nice in person. Hope we could meet again soon.
Right: Sinong hindi makakakilala sa kanya??? Hahaha! Hi to my co-dent // pageant partner! He sang during the event and he killed it!!! Ang galing! Ibang level na talaga! :) 
Okay, nice promo ad! Hahaha! 
The Trio. Thank you for going with me kahit na ang hassle pa. I love you cousins. Haha! 
Pero mas witty talaga 'to! Hahaha! Taipei Kita :P
Left: One of my favorite rising blogger, Akiko Abad
Right: Favorite fitness blogger, Lissa Kahayon
The who??? Victor Basa
Hi to my gorgeous sister, Janina Manipol
Do I still need to introduce them? Hi Vern 1 and Vern 2!
Arisse :)
My BU experience was tiring (SUPER) and awesome, as always! Let's stay connected through instagram (@shairangelique) and twitter (@Shairaaaaa) for blog updates! :)