Hi guys! Today marks my first day in uni as as Second Year Dental Proper. Can you believe that? Summer 2016 went by really fast. :( I'm going to miss all those happy hours spent chilling and travelling. Of course, let's be real. School may not be really cool but I really missed everything that I used to do last semester (excluding the stress, haha). I'm happy and at the same time excited for what's in store this semester. I'm sure there would be more stress coming but I'm still hoping and wishing to find new things to love this semester. Today's post is all about the things that are currently making me happy and hopefully it'll bring you good vibes too all throughout the day. :) 
Basketball. One of the things that I'm currently enjoying is playing basketball. I'm not really into sports but I have joined before a basketball game in our school. I didn't gave much attention in basketball until I watched NBA Finals this season. I'm not really familiar with both teams but because everyone's cheering for the Warriors (almost everyone I know!!!) I went for the Cavaliers instead. I've decided to give my support to them that I cheered for Cavaliers from Games 1-7. I didn't even know that the team I was cheering would be the best team in NBA History! Despite all the Warriors-Cavaliers game, what really made me interested in watching and supporting Cleveland Cavaliers is Kyrie Irving. Even before I saw him play he already caught me. It was a love at first sight? Haha! I'm not kidding though.When I saw him play, I fell for him more. Those Kyrie moves totally got me plus he danced the best running man I watched, ever! I'm really into him, YES, I really like him. I know it's kind of insane but I'm thinking of saving for those Kyrie shoes! :)
Friends. Who isn't? My highschool bestfriends are the best set of friends that I have. We met up during the second week of June and everything still feels the same. It was a day of hugot lines! Gosh, I missed them so much!!! On the other hand, I'm getting a little emotional with my college friends. Most of them are transferring schools and I can't imagine how the remaining years would be without them. :( It's just hard to let go of someone who has been a big part of your life especially during the good times. I'm going to miss all of our crazy moments together, our YOLO trips- everything. :( 
Summer 2016. Reminiscing my Summer 2016 gives me good vibes and satisfaction. I thought this summer would be my least favorite because we haven't made any plans ahead unlike the previous years but no, everything came into surprise! Many unexpected beach trips, road trips, museum trips (name all the trips that you know!) had happened and all of it was worth it and enjoyed. This has got to be my best summer so far! :) 
Snackvox & Nametests. I don't know if it's just me or everyone else is already trying these apps in facebook.Whenever I have free time these are the sites where you can find me. I tried it once and I got addicted. The results are so accurate!!! It felt like snackvox and nametest borrowed half of my mind. I don't share the results on facebook because for sure, people will over react when they see it. Haha!! You have to try these apps. It's really fun! :) 
Blog. I'm happy with how my blog progressed the past few months. I know it's not even 1/2 of what the other bloggers achieve in their blogging career but I make it a point to enjoy and put my heart in every post that I make- whether it may be travel, fashion, diaries and even sponsored posts. I'm happy I was able to reach my goal for this blog this summer and that is to inspire everyone, including you, through this little blog of mine. I think that's what really matters. :)


  • "We're not the same person we were a year ago, or a week ago. We're changing. Experiences don't stop. That's life."
  • "You need to ignore what everyone else is doing and achieving.  Your life is about breaking your own limits and outgrowing yourself to live your best life. You are not in competition with anyone else; plan to outdo your past, not other people."
  • "If it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be. You're not missing out. Your life has different plans for you."
  • "Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that some people only enter your life as a temporary happiness."
  • "There will always be pain. You will hold animosity in your heart and it will hurt you. Do not be foolish enough to let these times pass. Trees do not hide during storms. They face torrential downpours, they dig their roots deeper in the soil. You must do the same."

  • "Stop rushing things. When the time is right, it will happen."
  • "Don't waste moments thinking about the past. Move on, the best is yet to come. "
  • "Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye, but regrets can last a lifetime."
  • "Be with the person who makes you forget about being normal, the one who makes you feel loved for all the weird and unideal aspects of your personality that you were once embarrassed by and ashamed of."
  • "There are all these moments you think you won't survive. And then you survive. Strive for more. Just keep going."
  • "Never apologize for having high standards because people who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them."
  • "Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway."
Top from Shein, Hat from Newchic, Sunnies borrowed from brother
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Hi guys! For today's post I want to introduce to you a brand named StyleWe. One thing that made me like about their brand is that the clothes they have in store are made by different designers showcasing various styles. As the brand says, "StyleWe—— Designers at Your Fingertips.StyleWe brings you unique fashion from independent designers around the world. Any style you may like, sexy, elegant, cute etc., you name it, we have it! We are committed to providing original, high quality, and exclusive fashion products that you don’t want to miss in 2016!
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I was checking some blogs last week and read a blog which features the "what to wear on a wedding" post. She told in her post that June is the month of weddings and it got me a little confused. I really don't have any idea about it and it just sank in after I realized that I attended 3 weddings last May & June. Haha! As my source say, June is the perfect month for weddings (followed by August & July) because it has been said that it's the month of Juno, the protector of women and the goddess of marriage. But from another point of view, some say that marrying in June is favorable because it's more practical in today's economy. 
And because it's the month of weddings, I'm sharing you my latest online discovery. It's all about wedding gowns! I know most of you, especially my soon-to-be-bride readers, are already preparing for your fairy tale wedding days and one of the most important thing that you consider are your dream gowns. I came across a site named www.babyonlinedress.fr which offers a lot of different wedding gowns (A-line, ball gowns, mermaid gowns) that might help and give you an idea in choosing yours. These are just some of my favorite pieces but you can check out their website too for more options and ideas.  
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3 months of summer vacation flew by fast and I can't believe it's about to end already. While everyone is just about to begin their summer vacation, here I am making the most out of the remaining 2 weeks before I get back to uni. Well, all good and happy things come to an end but that doesn't mean that all endings are all about regrets either. Hopefully this is not my last beach post before my summer ends and there will still be upcoming trips. As of now, I'm trying to catch up with my high school friends, cousins and the people I've promised to go out with this summer. Anyway, during our last day in Boracay I had my hair braided by some expert locals. They are scattered everywhere and they offer so many styles to choose from. I had  mine full braided and I liked the result. What do you think? :)
Top from Oxygen, Scarf from SM Accessories, Sunnies from Sunnies Studio
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Summer 2016 is the best summer I have so far- new opportunities have knocked, more experiences were added and made new friends with those who were just once strangers. One of the highlights of my summer 2016 is a visit to one of the Philippines' top tourist destination, Boracay. Boracay is a small island known for its white sand beaches, water activities and nightlife. I haven't been to Boracay before until my mom asked me to book us a trip to Boracay during the third week of May. I've been to a lot of beach trips since summer 2016 started but this quick getaway is definitely the best and one for the books! 
We left for Boracay on a Saturday night via 2GO. It was a one whole night travel from Batangas port to Caticlan Jetty Port. It rained the whole night and I wasn't able to sleep because it was too cold in the cabin. We arrived at 7 am the next morning. Because we booked through a travel agency and availed  Hotel & Land arrangements. We didn't managed to take long lines for tourist tickets and instead got our asses off the boat bound to Boracay island! The sea was calm and everything went well. 
This was our home for our whole stay in Boracay. It's located at Station 2 and it's a beachfront hotel! Yay! They have 3 swimming pools too and a lot more facilities to enjoy. Special thanks to Ate Lea of Four Seasons Travel and Tours for finding room slots for us in La Carmela de Boracay. She made a last minute booking already! It was pretty crowded when we arrived because the hotel was packed with celebrities who were having their taping for Banana Sundae. 
We booked two rooms. One Executive and one premiere deluxe. Both rooms were situated in different buildings but still accessible the area. All the staffs were accommodating and friendly and they allowed us to check in 6 hours earlier than the expected check-in time. The hotel rooms were big enough to accommodate 4 people in each rooms. We had buffet breakfasts for two days which offers different cuisines that everyone would enjoy and appreciate.  
Whenever we don't have a scheduled BORACTIVITIES it's either we use the hotel's facilities or head on to the beach and walk from Station 1 to 3 until our feet hurt. Haha! 
Our stay in Boracay made me realize why people keep on coming back to the island. Yes, it's crowded, but not the negative approach that I expected. Boracay is occupied by accommodating and friendly locals and tourists and even if you're travelling alone, you'll never feel one because you get to meet new people. I thought that some parts of Boracay may be polluted because of the amount of people coming but honestly speaking, Boracay has the cleanest beaches that I've went to so far! The water is so clear that it seems like you're in a pool when you go swimming. There are actually so many things to do and activities to try. You'll never get bored at all once you set foot on the island. No itinerary? You don't need one! You can do everything on the spot plus in lesser amount. Learn how to haggle! :) 
Watching the sunset is definitely a must when you're in Boracay! Although some people say Boracay has the best sunset that they've seen, I cannot agree with them though because they still haven't seen Monte Maria sunset in Batangas. :) 

My cousins and I used to enjoy strolling at night in Boracay. It is when people start to come out of their hotel rooms and spend the whole night partying. Stations 1 & 2 has the best bars (for me) while there were only few in Station 3. I didn't go bar hopping though unlike my guy cousins and siblings but if I were registered in Pubcrawl, I probably would!!! It's one thing that my cousins and I regret. We weren't able to try Pubcrawl. I forgot to tell them about it and I only remembered it during our last night when we saw the participants in Hennan Regency partying when it was already too late to register. :( Next time!!! 
There are also different foods to try in Boracay. They almost have everything! I think I gained a kilo after our trip. 

While the boys are out partying, what do the good girls do? Spent the night at D'mall buying souvenirs and pasalubongs for friends and family. I'm not really into buying souvenirs for friends but when I saw how enjoyed Ica was in buying pasalubong for her friends, I was encouraged to buy too even if my friends don't ask for it. (except for Lovi haha. Hi Lovi!) 
Of course, Boracay night life wouldn't  be complete without fire dance shows. They're scattered everywhere.

Our quick vacation in Boracay was ecstatic and stress-free. Whoever says that Boracay is overrated hasn't set foot yet on the island or maybe doesn't know how to appreciate the beauty it offers! Don't jump into conclusion. You never know what you're missing! 4 days isn't enough to try everything (Bitin!) and I'll make sure to be back again but with friends next time! Thank you Boracay for a wonderful experience! Till next time! :)  xx