Hello everyone! How are you all doing?? It's finally FRIDAYYY and it's the first Friday and the last one for the month that I feel like I'm free from stress and errands. The whole month of September went so crazy from the the first till the last week. Nakakaloka! Nakakapagod! I didn't realize that 3 days from now I'll be turning 23 already. Ang bilis ng panahon. Parang dumaan lang ang isang buong September tapos birthday ko na pala! Haha! I'll probably have nothing special to do on my birthday, maybe just the usual clinic day on the morning and birthday dinner with the family after.

Since I started this post with a calm and happy greeting, I wanted to spread the positive vibes by sharing with you some fun facts about me! :)
1. First on the list, I LOVE PASTRIES and anything sweet (except candies) and I can literally eat a whole cake in one sitting.
2. In connection with number 1, I think I'd love to have a business in relation to pastries in the future but I'm not into baking. I don't know how it's possible to have a pastry business without loving baking, well I tried twice or even thrice before but it's not really for me, but let's see if it's possible in the future. Haha! 
3. My favorite Filipino dish is Adobong atay (Chicken liver). It's very satisfying!
4. I don't drink. Well, I did but only twice in my whole life. First was in a family reunion where I only had one shot glass full (that's it and nothing followed) and second was on a friend's birthday dinner wherein I had only minimal shots. When I say minimal, maybe 3 shots of a 2/3 shot glass. I don't know why I didn't liked drinking. Maybe because I'm already satisfied with the appetizers more than the drink itself. :))
5. I'm more of a beach babe than a city girl. The sound of the waves is the most calming sound I'd love to hear. Take me with you on your next beach trip!
6. I am a blogger since I'm 15 years old! I started with a very personal and private blog in tumblr that I continued in Blogger platform. I decided to open my blog in public when I had my first ever blog collaboration when I was 17. 
7. Guess what's my first ever blog collab! It's a promotional post for a bed sheet brand! Haha! I didn't knew that that bed sheet will bring me more collaborations and sponsors! Thanks for the trust! :)
8. I've always considered travelling as one of my life's biggest investment. Seeing the beauty of other places and being able to expose myself in different cultures turns my imagination and ideas into reality. Travelling is like a drug. When you started liking it, you'll find yourself craving for more adventures and trips!
9. I've never experienced having an overnight at a friend's house. It's not because my mom doesn't allow me. It's my decision not to just because I cannot sleep knowing that I'm in a different house without my family. Korea for 10 days last May was a struggle, to be honest!
10. My childhood dream is to become a licensed physician but I don't have regrets to where I am now (minsan lang! HAHA) I'm pretty sure that after I finish my course, I can proudly say that LPU-Dentistry really brought out the best in me. Literally, physically, emotionally, mentally! HAHA! 
11. I love collecting bags especially the ones with unusual and cute designs. Ice cream bags, triangle bags, sequined bags, perfume bags, diamond designed bags, flamingo bags, you name it!
12. Lastly, I'm US 9.5 and usually size 41 that's why I prefer getting my sandals and shoes from online stores abroad. Some PH stores doesn't offer size 41 up :( 
Outfit. This outfit is inspired by Korean fashion. One of my friends requested me to try dressing up like the K POP icons and it's challenging for my part because it's not really my style. Good thing is that, I have this dress from Blooming Jelly that helped me achieve the look. When I was in Korea I have stared to a lot of Korean girls and realized that they'd rather show off their legs in short skirts and shorts than wear something that will show off their shoulders and cleavage. They love layering clothes like wearing an inner top on a dress or sometimes still adding a jacket on it. This is my take on Korean fashion and I'd love to hear your comments on how I wore it! Leave a comment on the comment box below ;)

Dress from Blooming Jelly
Earrings from Singapore


Before these pictures were taken I've worn this dress for like 3 times already. This is one of my first basic dress ever and I couldn't be more happier to my first ever purchase! Haha! You know how much I love dressing up in maxis and prints and this one is a big leap from my usual femme chic ootds. I decided to get a (casual dress) plain mini twist shift dress and I'm surprised on how I loved the effortless and countless ways of styling it. I'm sure that I'll be stocking up with more basics in my closet and play with them in endless ways that I can. I would also want to focus on the fabric of this dress. It's 100% soft and cotton and I love how comfortable it is to wear especially in this scorching PH weather! All thanks to Bloomingjelly for this dress! 
This dress comes in three different colors: Gray, Saddle brown and Dark Olive Green (Mine's). It also comes in 4 sizes: Small- XL. I got mine in Large/ US8. The dress has no lining and the length is above the knee. It has a regular thickness, non see through and is somewhat stretchable. This dress is mostly recommended for casual walks and occasions where you can dress it up in sneakers or sandals. 
You can get this same dress by clicking this (Solid Color Twist Hemline Mini Dress). It's currently on 58% SALE and you can have it for only 24.99 USD.  
Watch out for my next outfit featuring another BloomingJelly dress :) :) 
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Hello everyone! How are you all doing? :) I’ve been so concerned about my hair lately and have been browsing some inspirations for my hair on instagram and pinterest. I know my hair needs to be pampered because I haven’t done it for so long already so I decided to have a hair cleansing treatment from a salon I saw from instagram. I also thought of having a haircut but I only had it trimmed since I don’t want to make a drastic change on my hair. I noticed that after my hair treatment my hair became less dry and shiny. The hairstylist suggested me to try a new hair color and it’s one thing that I haven’t done in my entire life. I don’t know why I’m so afraid of changing my black hair into something new. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid of introducing harsh chemicals on my it.

Speaking of hair color and hair styles, I’ve been introduced to an online store recently that specializes human hair wigs. I knew my wish has been heard of wanting to have a different look and color when I started to browse Wiggins Hair’s website. This site left me so much inspiration and hope in transforming and bringing my hair and look into a different level. When it comes to having a new hairstyle I know I can rely on their human hair extensions. Whether I want my hair to look permed or straight I can do it both conveniently. Imagine how easy it is to just put on and clip it in your hair and say hello to a new instant look after! If I want to see myself having a different color I can rely on their ombre hair weave. They have a lot of colors to choose from! I’ve always wanted to see my hair in a lighter color and it’s only a few clicks away without sacrificing the health of my new hair with chemicals.

Aside from that, Wiggins Hair is also a leading wholesale online hair extensions shop. I would introduce their bundle deals with frontal and I think it’s one of their best buys since it’s the complete package that everyone would love!

For more information, you may visit their website by visiting https://www.wigginshair.com/