Earlier this month my eldest cousin from my mother side just got married. I was the acting maid of honor and you don't know how flattered I was to be given that role because I felt like I'm her most trusted cousin and sister among all the girls that she know. Aside from my cousin's wedding that just happened this month I was given the honor again to walk on the entourage of my godfather on his wedding day on February next year. It's really heartwarming to take part on the most important events in their lives especially their weddings. Every detail of it is well thought of, well planned and well organized. And that being said one of the most important thing that each couple plans is their precious rings. I've came across a newly discovered online jewelry shop named BBBGEM which sells wedding and engagement rings. I visited their site and they have so much to offer! My top 3 favorite rings would be Alexandrite Promise rings, Tsavorite engagement rings and Rose gold emerald engagement rings. Here are some of it:

To my soon to be Mrs. readers, you might want to consider their shop in choosing your engagement and wedding rings! You have a lot of options and choices! :) 

Follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram: @bbbgems for more updates on incoming designs, promotions and sales! 


I've always been practical when it comes to the safety of my gadgets because I've saved every penny just to buy each of it. With the safety that I have mentioned, I always make it a point to buy cases that even if my phone accidentally falls it doesn't get any scratch at all. Just recently I came across FYY store which sells a lot of gadget cases, bags and office products. I went through the site and saw this Marble Pattern Smart Case iPad cover.   
This FYY case fits only the 2018 model of iPad Pro 12.9. What I loved about this case is that it has card slots that can store multiple business cards and bank cards. It has also a pencil holder for carrying your pen around easily and conveniently. Lastly, they have it in my favorite color, PINK! :)
FYY Amazon has this product too! You can check it out on Amazon's website or you can visit FYY's website for more details! 


Last October 17, 2018 my boyfriend and I celebrated our first anniversary. We ate at Paraderos del Castillo which was located in Taal because this place is personally close and special to us. It was in Taal where we had our first real date. (Yung medyo nagiging mutual na ang feelings! HAHA) It was the day we went to Taal Basilica, Cafe G and Cafe at the Ranch. Hiyang-hiya pa ako dati magpakuha ng picture sa kanya kase kinikilig na ako ng mga panahong yun. Hahaha! I thought I was the only one who searches great places to go to every time we go on dates. Sya din pala! He stumbled upon this hotel way back last year and told me that on our anniversary he will take me here. :) 

Paulo and I's date will always be food trips and it is no doubt that after a year that we've been together we both gained much weight. Sobrang obvious naman kaya! Flashback to my 18-21 year old self, I did zumba for 3-4 months and cut all the sweets, meats and rice (in short patayan diet!). I lose 12 kilos in 3 just months. I completely changed my lifestyle to the point that I lost my appetite most of the time. Kahit pa bigyan mo ako ng ice cream hindi ko sya feel kainin. The moment Paulo and I had our very first meet up I was surprised on how much he orders and eats! Our very first date was in Jollibee in SM Batangas. He ordered Jollibee's super meal and still has a burger takeout! I asked him why would he still have his takeout well in fact he had eaten a lot. His answer: "Just in case magutom ako habang nagdadrive or may makain ako pag mag-isa na lang ako pauwi." Paulo made me realized what I had missed the most when I had my diet! He spoiled me with cakes and ice creams and would always give me a box of toasted siopao whenever he fetch me from school! Simula nung nag date kami ni Pau hanggang sa naging boyfriend ko sya never ko ng tinanggihan ang pagkain sa harap ko.   

I love seeing my man smile especially when I'm the reason. I feel like kahit papaano nakaka contribute ako sa ikinasisiya niya. HAHA I'm an annoying girlfriend, I guess? Makulit kase ako. Madaldal ako. Maingay ako. I always have lots of stories to tell. And there's my man, the one who always listens and reacts to my stories. But I admire him for being an attentive boyfriend kase lahat ng sinasabi ko naalala nya even the littlest things. :)

I have no other words left to speak to my man other than "I love you, Paulo. Thank you for being one of the reasons why I choose to be strong and positive. For our dreams!!!"

Happy 13th Monthsary my love! :)


Hey guysss! I've been MIA for the past few weeks but I'm happy that I'm back with my first wish list for Zaful this coming Christmas. I've been eyeing a lot of winter clothes (especially fur coats!!!) and I'm visiting random online sites especially that there are a lot of sales coming. Guyssss, watch out for 11.11 SALES! It's going to be lit and crazy!!! :) Here's my wish list from Zaful and my 15% off coupon code for all of you: ZVYABFS

As an early Christmas gift here are some promotion campaigns of Zaful that all the shopaholics out there would surely love!!!

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