I'm turning 22 in just a few days. I don't feel old  nor young. I feel like I'm still in the process of enjoying and at the same time taking more responsibilities than before. As I age I am able to encounter a lot of experiences that shaped me to who I am now. 
I've experienced my lowest this year. This is the first time I felt really stressed for more than 2 weeks. I think that was during the first month of first semester of school this year. My close friends are aware of it because I became less talkative (HAHA) or maybe because I've experienced a series of breakdowns every night. Wag na sana maulit yun. Please lang haha 

This is the year wherein eating became my favorite past time. Grabe lang no! I gained 11 kilos!!! My friends eat a lot! Dalang-dala nila ako. My boyfriend eats a lot! Our dates were always in restaurants with super meals and unli rice. Tapos nag open pa ang family namin ng food house! I have so many reasons why I gained weight. I don't really have regrets that I did gained weight but I always make it a point to still stay fit and healthy plus go on a quick exercise every time I have the time. I also have my blood sugar, urinalysis and cholesterol checked once every 2 months. (Adulting na talaga! Haha) 
This is the year wherein I learned to live up the saying, "Trust the Process". Everything is possible. We cannot predict what will happen. This applies every time I schedule things on my planner. All of my days are jampacked and every single day is important to me. The moment I wasn't able to do a certain thing on that day, my schedule is already ruined. Paulo thought me to always trust the process because not everyday is a bad day. There's still a day after to make things right and I believe in that. I've been in situations like this for a couple of times already and those things that I'm worried about before were the  subjects of my proud and funny stories now. It always ends up with, "Ang galing, kaya ko nga pala!"  But behind the thought of "Trust the Process" you should not forget to pray and do your best in everything that you do. :)

Lastly, I've seen myself growing and maturing for my age, taking more risks and believing in my capabilities. I'm in the process of being that independent woman I'm always longing to be. I'm starting to overcome greater fears; I'm starting to give myself the gift of being lost- lost in the way of helping myself to figure things out and to stand on my own; I'm starting to lead my life in my own vision; I'm starting to become an emotional rock whom people go to for help and I'm starting to fix my own shit together. I hope I could be as strong as I've imagined and that will be the best birthday gift I could ever receive. 
Outfit: Wearing this cute crop top from Shein. Thank you Shein! You can get yours for only $12 or Php 635. You can visit their website for more fashionable finds! ;)


It's already September and it's already my birth month! I'm turning 22 in just a few days!!!  I've seen myself buying a couple of cosmetics recently (I think I'm purchasing every week since last August!!!) and it feels a bit weird because I'm not really into splurging my money to these small expensive unnecessary things. I don't know if this is because I've been eaten up by all the youtube videos that I've watched or maybe because there's a need for me to look more presentable and professional because I am a blogger who meets and encounters a lot of people through my blog. Either of the two it's my birth month anyway and I want to treat and give myself even the least and littlest thing that would make me stress free and happy. Sharing with you some of the makeup haul that I have and my monthly favorites here on the blog! :) 
First among the list is the most recent package that was sent to me by Esqido. Esqido is popular for their mink eyelashes (They do have lots of it!!! I made a review of it before) but they have released a newest addition to their site and it's no other than these Esqido eye gel liners!
Esqido sent me 2 gel liners to try. They have it in colors brown and black. I actually haven't tried on what the hype is all about (saw reviews from instagram!) but will be posting my own review next to this post after I try it. A lot of review says that it's creamy smooth and I can't wait to use it as an under liner and smudge it for a soft and natural look. These gel liners are on sale for $12 each instead of $16 on their site. I don't know on how long will their promo be but if I were you I'm going to take advantage of the sale! Haha! $4 is a good discount already if you convert it in Philippine peso. By the way, Esqido is a UK brand and a trusted brand for me. I'm a user of their products and they produce good quality items. Wait for my review! :) 
Next are these Super Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I bought these because I've been overwhelmed by all the reviews that I have been seeing all over social media especially my friends! They said it's true to its campaign that it can stay 16 hours on lips even if you drink or eat. I was encouraged by all the hype to try and ended up buying these 2 shades for myself. 
I bought 2 shades- Seductress and Amazonian. I bought first the Seductress because I think it's the most wearable among all the shades because it looks natural and nude. Little did I know that I looked pale and sick after I tried it. Haha! Anyway, I still love the color but it's not the "wearable" shade for me. The second purchase is my favorite! Amazonian is a little bit edgy and bold but it's what I like about it. It's not really dark pala and it reached my "wearable" standard. It highlights and brings color to my face every time I use it. These Super stay products really stands for "Super Stay" because even if I remove it I still cannot completely remove it without having stains left on my lips. (I'm using Vaseline petroleum jelly to remove it!)
Luna Organics Autumn Clay Blush. I've seen this all over facebook and I've seen my friends selling and reselling this product. I was curious to try this product because I've seen in the reviews that I can achieve natural looking rosy cheeks by just blending it well. I purposely bought it as a blush but I didn't liked on how it turned out as clay blush. I have applied so much on my cheeks already and yet after I blend it, it easily washes off and it doesn't stay long. However, I like it as a lipstick. It's creamy and smells really good like a bubble gum. I use it on a daily basis in school and I recommend it more of as a lipstick. I just don't know what's the real brand of this clay blush or if it's MD approved so you should consider the risks too in buying this one. 
Last but not the least is this Vice Cosmetics in Ekzaj shade. Vice Ganda launched his own self titled cosmetic brand this year and everyone is hyping about it. Again, this curious girl in me really wanted to try for myself and decided to buy one of her matte lipstick in the shade Ekzaj! Nakakatuwa ang shades ng Vice cosmetics. Very witty! Haha! Ekzaj shade is a little dark in color- maybe a mixture of red and brown. (I told you I like dark colored lipsticks!) It's creamy and it also smells good but it doesn't really stay long on lips. I love to have it in other colors as well plus I want to try their lip tints too! I recommend this product because it is budget and student friendly! It's the cheapest among all of the products posted here in my blog (Php 195). 
There you go! Those are some of my favorite cosmetics from my makeup haul. I'm still eyeing some makeup and very random products and if you're asking me what what birthday presents would I want for my birthday here are some of it (Char! HAHA!)
Large LED Vanity Mirror- Php 799 instead of Php 1,300 in BeautyMNL (It's still on SALE!!!)
Infallible Setting Spray- Php 600 in BeautyMNL
True Match Lumi Cushion in Nude Beige- Php 900 in BeautyMNL
BLK cheek and lip tint in orange and cherry shades- Php 249 each
Sunnies face fluff matte in hot sauce shade- Php 349
or anything GIRAFFE or FLAMINGO! :)


Hey guys! If you have read my previous post I was so busy thinking of the look that I want for my cousin’s wedding. I told you in my previous post about the idea of using a wig to achieve a different hairstyle without damaging my hair. Aside from the knowledge of using hair extensions, clip ins and wigs I came to discover a new hair accessory that I just knew recently. It’s called Lace closure. I don’t know if you have already heard about it or have encountered about it before but I was a bit amazed on how it is used and how it looks like on a human hair when properly placed and used.

Lace closure is actually a combination of wig and hair extensions. Hair closure is a top piece of hair that is intended to blend seamlessly with the human hair. Its base is a neutral skin colored silk lace that resembles a human scalp and that makes it more realistic. Another thing that amazes me is that you can do a free style parting of your hair wherever you desire or wherever direction you want. You can part it in the middle, or maybe on any of the two sides you want to.

What made me interested in Lace closures? Lace closures are versatile pieces and goes well with any hair type. Whether it is natural hair, permed or any of the hair types, it’s still going to fit as long as you use it in the right way. Next is you can dye it! Yes, you can have it colored without having to color and damage your own hair. Lastly, it doesn’t cost that much unlike when you buy lace frontal closures, wigs or hair extensions. It’s the cheapest based on my survey from other hair accessories.

If you happen to like or at least want to try lace closures you may consider BestHairBuy lace closure. BestHairBuy has a lot of hair accessories to offer. I have mentioned their site in my previous post about wigs. They actually offer a lot of those lace closures from different lengths and volumes. You may also check out BestHairBuy bob wigs or BestHairBuy 360 lace wigs for more choices. Here are some of the items that you may consider from their site. :)

Check out their accounts:


Hey guys! There are many upcoming events for me and my family. My birthday is fast approaching (Can you guess when?) but I'm not really excited about it unlike the past years. My cousin's wedding is also fast approaching, and it really excites me because she's my first cousin from my mother side to get married. I'm already thinking of the possible looks that I would want to imitate on her wedding day. It's a little pressure that I'm her maid of honor knowing that I'm the most special among her bridesmaids. Going back, I'm already thinking of the possible hair and makeup looks that I want to achieve. For the makeup, I'd probably go for the fresh and minimal makeup look. Since the theme is pastel I'd go on more nude, light and sweet colors like pink and somewhat orange-y. I don't think I would have any problem with my makeup except that I would probably need to practice more on using the eye shadow. 

As for my hair, this is the big question mark for me. I'm always having a hard time thinking of what to style my hair. It’s actually tricky because I had my hair cut short (few inches below the shoulders) and I want to curl it and style it as if I have a long hair. I know, it feels impossible at first but heyyy, it’s what wigs and hair extensions are made for right?? I’m a user of hair extensions during special occasions but I haven’t tried using wigs. Wigs are actually what people use when they have a major hair loss or when they have too short hair that hair extensions can’t manage. I don’t have neither of the two but the main reason why I’d love to try it is the ease and lesser time of styling my hair. I mean, it’s pretty the way it is. It’s also easier to use and it gives a whole different look when worn. Wigs come in a variety of colors. I actually wanna try a chestnut brown color for a different look. I haven’t tried coloring my hair in different color and I think this is the best way to have this color without damaging my hair.

BestHairBuy is one of the online stores that sells a variety of hair accessories like BestHairBuy wigs, hair extensions, clip in and more. They actually have their wigs divided in different categories such as African American wigs, 360 Lace wigs, BestHairBuy full lace wigs, BestHairBuy lace front wigs, synthetic wigs and more. Here are some of the wigs that they have in store or visit their site for more choices! 😊

Check out their other accounts:


It’s finally the month of September- month of a new beginning (for my clinic! I’m claiming it already!!!), the start of -BER month (It’s getting colder every day!) and lastly, it’s my birth month! I’m turning 22 in 29 days and I can’t thank God enough because He’s making me reach my 22nd year with a healthy mind and strong body. Aside from that I have a lot of things to be thankful for that shaped me to be who I am today. I thank God for keeping my family healthy, for giving my lolo more months to live, for giving me friends who are equally crazy and willing to do very weird stuffs just to cheer me up, and for giving me Paulo, my future engineer. 
My outfit today is something very random. Who would have thought that I’ll be wearing co-ords?? Maybe this outfit is inspired by my favorite fashion icon and the singer of my current favorite songs- Dua Lipa! She’s tall, she looks a plus size but she has a really nice figure and it’s her thing to wear co-ords all the time. I’m not used to wearing co-ords but this one caught my attention as I was browsing at Shein’s site. I love the color (still very summery and beach appropriate) and most especially the style. This co-ord comes in a tube and pants. What I love about it is that I can pair the tube with other bottoms and the pants with other tops. How versatile, right?

Thank you, Shein for another set! I can’t wait to show you the other items that I ordered from their site.
I’ll keep this blog updated despite of my busy and stressful life in school. This is the only place where I can release my stress about anything and everything. See you in my next posts!!!