That feeling of excitement you get whenever you think that SCHOOL’S FINALLY OVER and it’s time to WELCOME SUMMER
Who can relate? I know you are especially all the other students there like me! This calls for a celebration. Haha. Final exams are over, Sleepless nights because of studying are over, endless reporting is over, nervous and fright for quizzes in Chem are over, PHILO paper is over, SCHOOL is OVER! Waahhh! Hahaha. 
Okay so much for that! Haha. I think this outfit is the best starter for a Summer post. Do you agree? I actually wore this during my mom's birthday few weeks ago. Since it was celebrated at our bukid I opted to wear something summer appropriate and I came up with this look. But I guess the people's first impression was not what I really expected. It's more of a Chichay look for them! Haha. Any thoughts about this look? 
I'll surely miss my friends who made my second sem a blast! Hahaha. #Justine #Lady #Lourenz #Kurt #AJ #Darrel #Jejomar :D See you on the 5th and 10th.
Top from Forever21, Skirt from Ericka Pampii (gift last Christmas), Necklace from Camille Co-BU5
What are your plans this Summer 2014? I do have many random plans for Summer and I can't wait to share those with you during my next posts! :) I bet you'll be surprised and it'll surely make you laugh. My classmates did! Haha. 

Pictures taken at El Centro Beach Resort.


Dentistry Night was probably one of the main highlight of my Pre-Dent I life. My friends and I were so excited before this night because it was our first and we want it to be extra special. 

From the moment I arrived at the area all my close friends were waiting for me outside the building. I was happy to see that we were all complete. The aura during that night made me said that it was truly one special night and it would for sure leave something memorable in all of us. :) 
The theme of our Dent night was "Vintage" and here's what we came up wearing! :) 
The girls of Pre-Dent IA plus Papx's mom who attended Dent Night. I hope the population of the attendees will grow bigger by next year. Hahaha.
with my supportive team. Hahahaha. 
Mandatory shot with the dean of our department. :)
Congratulations to my classmates, AJ and Papx, for being Mr. and Ms. Photogenic.
Our eyes were all glued to this woman when we saw her at the entrance. We didn't recognized her at first but when she came near us we were surprised to see our classmate! She absolutely rocked the whole night with her very eye-catching outfit (ball gown and headdress) which made her win the title "Star of the Night".  
Together till DDM 4! :)
with my guy classmates.  
Cheers to our first memorable and successful Dentistry night!
with Ate Pau from DDM I-B :)
Mr. Dentistry 2014 Kuya JM Delgado :D
The winners.
Our only complete picture together. Dent Night wouldn't be a blast and a night full of fun without them. Cheers to more years with them! :)

*Pictures without my blog's watermark were grabbed from JC Photography. :)

And I'm back from a long hiatus here on the blog! :) How's life going? Another quick month has ended again and it's time for a recap! :P 

February 1 :)
This is how we welcome the first day of February. SELFIES! There are a lot more selfies but I just picked the decent ones. I miss her already. :'( 

SBC Centennial Closing
SBC Centennial Closing wouldn't be a one memorable night for me without my bff. We actually didn't plan to meet there because of our busy schedules but because fate was really on timing, we saw each other and had one of the best night full of crazyy stories shared with in our dear alma mater. I was also with my other good friends that night who were with me enjoying the whole program.  

Pre-Valentine's Gala
Venice inspired. Which of these 3 is the true couple? Hahaha :P 

Valentine's Day :)
Spent the morning of my Feb. 14 with my classmates. We danced for CEAS field demo during the early morning and headed to the mall afterwards to dine and have a group movie date. I wasn't really able to relate with Starting Over Again but because I enjoyed my friends' company I was able to appreciate the movie. Hahaha. The first and last parts were my favorite. Be sure to watch for the unexpected ennding! :) It'll surely make you smile.  
Came home right after the group date and didn't realized that I slept till evening. When I woke up I was surprised to see this on the table. So sweet of my brother for remembering. I thought he would only give his "crush" some love but I was showered too. Hahahaha. 
During the night we dined-in at my favorite restaurant, Hap Chan. This was the best part of the day--celebrated it full of laughs and love with the whole family. A perfect way to end Valentine's Day.

Perfect Sunday...
Sunday selfiess. :P I missed joining in road trips and adventures and here's a comeback after the midterms hell week! *Insert appropriate mean laugh here. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*
My definition of a perfect Sunday would always be this-- Attending the mass during the morning at Sto. Nino Church and spending the whole afternoon at my grandparents' place-- eating lunch with them, feeling the fresh and cold air while sitting at the shore waiting for the sea water to reach my feet, staring and taking pictures of the lovely horizon and perfect views, getting some good nap at our nipa hut and if given a longer time I'll still manage to swim with my cousins and siblings... How I wish my Sundays would always be like this- free from stress and school works. But because I'm in College already this couldn't happen anymore especially that I'm almost near in my Dental proper years! In just a few months, I'll be in my 2nd year already! Yay! 
This is me doing my thingggg on a hot Sunday afternoon. NAP! 

Dentistry Night 2014
Gown: Ching's Creations
HMUA: Misty Culla
Of course my February wouldn't be complete without attending my most awaited event for this year, Dentistry Night. :) I have a separate blog post for this and it's next on the list! 

Hello MARCH! One month till SUMMER 2014! :D Who's excited?