Hi guys! We have no classes again today (due to bad weather) that's why I was able to squeeze a new post! I've been so busy lately that I didn't realized I've been absent in blogging for a month already. I swear I'm so busy these past months and for sure the upcoming months as well because of all the requirements I have to submit and comply with in school. Woohhhh. I want you to know the reason behind my absence that's why I'm giving you a sneak peak of my life as a student--dentist. Get ready to see some of the pictures I've documented of me and my co-studentists!
As captioned, here's our first ever selfies as SOPHOMORES!!! We'll be in our Dental proper year next year and we can't wait for it. 
Darrel's Birthday! :D Our group became bigger this semester. From 8 members to 11. Insert the youngest here, Ka Ruben. Haha :)
Cameras shouldn't be allowed while studying because every time I try to focus we would always end up with this. 
Class Suspension! :D During the outbreak of Typhoon Glenda there were days when our school doesn't announce the suspension of classes the day before so we end up going to school. That's when we become "water proof students". Anyway, during those times that we don't feel like going home early we hang-out and go to the mall to spend some quality time together. Haha :) 
Group Study turned... 
Botany Food Festival We had a food fest last month in our Botany class wherein we were instructed to cook whatever menu we want as long as it is related to our chosen category. We picked the category stems and came up cooking beef broccoli, onion rings and fried cauliflowers! :) Our chef was the best. Haha. 
First Oral Check-up And for the first time we had our very first oral check-up in a clinic. :D If you could only see my face before the oral check-up, I was so excited! Hahaha. At first I had a hard time looking for a patient because there are certain requirements. I asked almost all my friends and relatives if they were free during that day/time and unfortunately they weren't. I asked my friend's help if she could help me find a  patient. Good thing she has sources and she gave me one!!! Behold, I have mine now! Hahahaha. I really had a blast and fun experience during my first oral check-up because of the patient I had! He is the loudest and funniest guy I ever met in my whole life! This experience is one for the books!
We're finally complete!!! :) The friends I will forever treasure.
Pistakasan 2014 x Dentistry Accreditation During the first and second day of PISTAKASAN (Sport's Fest) in our school our department had our  accreditation. We had classes in the morning but during the afternoon we skipped classes just to watch and cheer for our department!!! Go Dent Canines! Hahaha! We were still able to enjoy and have fun the whole week even though we were the only ones wearing our white uniforms!
Tuklas Tinig Another class interruption! :D We supported the pride of our department, Kuya and BR in a singing contest. 

*I just can't wait to end this semester in just 3 weeks! Ahhh! I'm excited! :D
Thanks for visiting! :*